Wonder Woman #19 Preview OR Someone Needs To Buy A Book Of Baby Names

Wonder Woman #19 is out this week and we’ve got a five-page preview of the issue with art from regular fill-in artist Tony Akins and former Y: The Last Man fill-in artist Goran Sudzuka.  Let’s take a look:





ww19d ww19e

Starting a book with a three page conversation where absolutely nothing happens seems like an odd choice to me, but so it goes.  Other than a very vague recap, that seemed to serve little to no purpose.

The baby naming was sort of amusing though.  I like Lennox’s super British name choices, Ares’ very in character suggestion, and Hera warming up to the baby is cute.  Not surprisingly, Wonder Woman gets to look like a complete doofus with her suggestion of “What about Steve?”  Zola’s “Come on, girl… you’re better than that” glare in response is perfect though.  I so don’t understand what Azzarello is doing with Wonder Woman, and I’m not entirely sure he does either.  Everyone else is such an interesting, cool character, but Wonder Woman’s just sort of there, being lame and getting duped.  Anyway, the banter from everyone else is enjoyable at least.

Look for Wonder Woman #19 at fine comic shops everywhere this Wednesday!  It’s got a SHOCKING fold out cover and a MAD variant too, so keep an eye out for that.


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6 Responses to “Wonder Woman #19 Preview OR Someone Needs To Buy A Book Of Baby Names”

  1. Your Senior Drill Instructor Says:

    I’m pretty sure that “What about Steve?” was Azzarello’s way of giving a nod to Steve Trevor, and to suggest that Diana may still harbor feelings for him. Either way, I don’t think it makes her look like a doofus. At least she didn’t suggest the name “Clark”. 🙂

    Oh, and I can see why you love that coat she’s wearing. Its a really sexy and sophisticated look for her.

    Did I see John Constantine in one of those panels?

  2. Karl Says:

    Five pages without a Wonder Woman in sight; what a surprise – not! Reading these previews really is becoming a waste of time, its all Gods standing around posturing.
    And do my eyes decieve me or is Diana in these pics morphing into Anne Wells from my favourite novel ‘Valley Of The Dolls’? I mean, I like the white coat an’ all but , really….

  3. Green Says:

    “Starting a book with a three page conversation where absolutely nothing happens seems like an odd choice to me, but so it goes.”
    I don’t know why Azzarello lost so many pages with almost nothing, first born fighting poseison, gods talking… it’s turn the book slow and many pages without WW

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  5. Karl Says:

    I couldnt agree more with what Worth 2013 ABLGT just said…


    …sorry, what the FUCK….?!?!?

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