Wonder Woman #19 Review OR Orion’s Much Deserved Comeuppance


My fellow Wonder Woman readers, our long national nightmare is over.  The ass slap heard around the world has been avenged, and Orion has been thoroughly shut down.  Wonder Woman #19 wasn’t a particularly eventful issue, and I had some definite issues with it, but at least Orion got a well deserved and long overdue response from Wonder Woman.  We’ll get to it all momentarily, but first:


Everything that happened in this issue will soon be revealed!!

If you haven’t read it yet, run away!!

Okay, so Orion got a beat down after digging himself into an even deeper hole with Wonder Woman.  After making what was essentially an incestuous dig about Wonder Woman and Lennox, Orion suggested that he’d much rather be alone with Wonder Woman.  Under the guise of a kiss, Wonder Woman got close to Orion and threatened to tear his balls off:


When RIGHT AFTER Orion said “You really are cute when you get mad” and this happened:


Then Orion’s face turned all weird and he got angry and boom tubed out of there.

So it’s fun that Wonder Woman finally did something about Orion’s actions.  The guy’s been a sexist jerk since he arrived, calling Wonder Woman “Legs”, slapping her ass, and just generally harassing her.  Many readers were disappointed when his slap went unanswered two issues ago, so a menacing threat and a mighty punch are good to see now.

However, the kiss was lame and generally unnecessary.  I suppose we can blame editorial and their mandated “WTF” theme for that, but a) it took up two pages of kissing and whatnot to set up the threat when she could’ve just reached over and grabbed his man parts from the get-go, and b) Azzarello could have taken this “WTF” theme is any number of directions.  This prolonged, tacky kiss prelude was a poorly executed and poorly thought out choice.  She didn’t need to kiss that jackass, as much as I enjoyed the comeuppance that followed.

So I’m a little lukewarm on the Orion stuff.  It finished well, but started off in a silly, unnecessary way.  All in all, though, I’m more glad he got decked than annoyed he got kissed.  However, the rest of the Wonder Woman section of the book bothered me.  First, it accounted for only 9 of the book’s 20 pages.  It’s called Wonder Woman, so you’d think she’d be in at least half of the pages, but no.  Second, Wonder Woman is again shown to be bad at what she does.

It all starts off well enough, with Ares complimenting Wonder Woman for a change, which was very nice to see after his shoddy treatment of her in past issues:


Ares commends Wonder Woman for being a strong leader by keeping this bizarre, combative group all together and peaceful.  It’s the first compliment he’s paid her since he showed up a few issues ago, and really the first time someone’s said something good about Wonder Woman in a while.

Guess what happens next?  Later in that same page, Lennox announces he’s leaving.  Then Wonder Woman and Orion get into a fight and Orion announces he’s leaving too.  Essentially, the team falls apart and loses its two biggest heavy hitters outside of Wonder Woman.  Everything Ares just praised Wonder Woman for is undone, which thus undermines the compliment and makes Wonder Woman look bad yet again.  I don’t know why Azzarello feels the need to do this in almost every issue.  Wonder Woman’s rarely allowed any kind of victory or positive accomplishment.  Everything is constantly unraveling, often making Wonder Woman look foolish or ineffective in the process.

The rest, ie. the majority, of Wonder Woman #19 involved the gods.  The First Born was trapped inside Poseidon in a very Jonah and the whale situation.  And, much like Jonah, the First Born must be contrite and listen to a deity in order to escape his aquatic dungeon.  In this case, it meant the First Born agreeing to not attack the seas or hell, the realms of Poseidon and Hades.  In return, Poseidon gave the First Born his sword and Hades promised to give the First Born’s army back to him.  He can only attack the heavens now.

The crafty Poseidon and Hades also steer the First Born into some big fights in hopes of others ridding them of this menace.  The First Born was gunning for Apollo already, but they send him after Zola’s baby as well, ensuring that he’ll fight Wonder Woman as well.  Poseidon and Hades are hoping that one of them defeats the First Born before he inevitably betrays his new allies and comes after them.

Speaking of Apollo, he’s hanging out on Mount Olympus with Artemis and Dionysus, blathering on about nothing and taking up 5 pages of the book for no good reason in particular.  Ultimately, the book ends with Artemis going to steal Zola’s baby, but the conversation leading up to that isn’t particularly illuminating or visually interesting.  It felt like a considerable waste of space to me.

On the plus side, it looks like Zola is naming her baby Zeke, which is a really fun name.  I certainly like it better than Nigel or Steve.  Plus, it starts with a Z just like Zeus, which feeds my rather unsubstantiated theory that Zola’s baby is actually Zeus himself through some sort of weird god magic.  I mean, the dude’s got to be somewhere, right?  He can’t have just disappeared entirely.  And this seems like a rather coincidentally timed pregnancy.  It’s probably totally wrong and Zeus is on New Genesis or something, but you never know.

Overall, Wonder Woman got to actually act like Wonder Woman for a few panels in this issue, which was a nice change.  But still, her leadership skills couldn’t save her team AND she again appeared in less than half of her own book.  We’ve got to take what we can get with this version of Wonder Woman, I suppose, and Orion getting socked in the jaw was a pretty good time.  Plus, Zeke!  It’s just fun to say.


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12 Responses to “Wonder Woman #19 Review OR Orion’s Much Deserved Comeuppance”

  1. Titong Says:

    Serves him right!…hahaha. 🙂

    I never did notice, but Ares had it spot on. Considering their recent history, I think Hades also paid Diana a big compliment by betting on her, and by seeing her heart as an asset rather than a weakness.

    Zeke could be Zeus. The seers did say Zeus did not exist yet, and at the time, Zola was still pregnant. If true, it could also be a way for him to escape the prophecy about being beaten by his own offspring.


    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Yeah, part of my theory is that Zeus knew the First Born would be back soon so he disappeared so someone else would be in charge and thus bear the brunt of the prophecy. And if Poseidon is telling the truth about the First Born needing Zola’s baby, maybe Zeus set it up so he would no longer be the victim of the prophecy but it’s fulfiller.

  2. IronBerserk Says:

    Was waiting for you to release this review. Wanted to know what you thought and to see if I wasn’t the only who thought the kiss was unnecessary. Also, yes, Apollo and the gods took up unnecessary space…freaking waste!

    But here’s were I differ from you in my mini-review of this issue. To me, this issue was total garbage. I hated almost every moment of it except for the first born scenes. I’m starting to think Azzarello isn’t fit to write WW, no offense to the guy of course. WW punches Orion, so what? This is WW for crying out loud! Yes, she doesn’t take crap from people, but she definitely tries speaking to the person first. And that awful kiss made it ten times worse.

    Orion was a bit sexist to WW, but we did see from the last issue that he appreciates her leadership and decision making skills (that stairwell scene). He does respect her in another way. Orion flirting with WW sometimes gets out of line but heck give the guy a break, its WW were speaking of here. Probably the most attractive super-heroine in all of comics. But instead of speaking to him, telling him he’s out of line and he better respect her better, she just makes out with him (as if to say, “your never getting any of this”), grabs his junk AND THREATENS HIM. Orion screws with her again and she punches him (are they teenagers?). “You haven’t seen me mad”, ohhh really? Does she just punch everyone that gets a bit on her bad side? This is all very childish and dumb on WW’s part. WW always solves problems first through non-violent means. She was an ambassador before new 52, negotiating was her specialty! Wonder Woman, she protects the innocent, promotes equality, always negotiates first, kind and helpful to everyone…see Azzarello, it’s not hard!

    Another thing I got mad at was the scene where War compliments WW. I like War and how he seems to care about her in his own way but there is something missing in this scene…oh right! Why the heck isn’t WW apologizing to War? She completely didn’t trust him last issue and she never apologized for that. War is the one being nice and WW is the one being selfish. What the heck is going on here!?

    Anyways, I’m done and sorry for polluting your message board. Great review as always and kudos catching on how after the War compliment, everything falls apart. Even I didn’t see that one…another thing to get mad at 😛 lol

    • Green Says:

      Wonder Woman is really beautiful, but it’s not excuse for Orion wrong behaviour. I think he really doesn’t know how to express his feelings in a proper way, still not a excuse. he is not a child anymore, Diana gave him some benefit of doubt but he keep the sexist innuendos. I think is fair enough that her payed in the same coin, it’s bigger than Wonder Woman.

      • IronBerserk Says:

        Yes your right, he was out of line. I did mention that. But he didn’t deserve to be threatened and definitely not by WW. WW was never an eye for an eye type of person. This scene was basically her enacting revenge…WW is not vengeful. She’s a negotiator, always has been.

        I believe we are seeing the birth of a new type of WW. One that is more action oriented…and I’m really not liking it. For some reason the masses seem to think WW is all about kicking ass and protecting the innocent but in her own way, which usually means punching the problem and not caring what others think of her. Yeah they make her kind, but in a very basic and uninspired way, like it’s a necessity.

        I’ve been reading the Injustice prequel game comic and oh boy, do they really screw up WW there. Terrible really and it just makes me wonder if this is how people see her as now?

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      It seemed like an odd turnaround for both of them, didn’t it? I thought they’d sorted out their differences a bit last issue, but now they’re both flying off the handle. As satisfying as Wonder Woman’s response was, she definitely wasn’t acting in a very Wonder Woman way.

      Also, there’s no need to apologize! It’s always great to read your thoughts.

      • IronBerserk Says:

        Thanks 🙂 and glad you agree. Like I stated in the above comment to Green, I think new 52 changed WW and gave her a new personality. As you can see, I really don’t like it 😛 I’ll always keep reading WW no matter how bad it gets, but I’m starting to have doubts about this run. I want Gail Simone again! 😛 lol!

  3. Karl Says:

    Its about time Diana took things well in hand [so to speak!] but its still too little too late for many readers.Each time we get a preview its always the same – DC give us five or six pages of repetitive talk scenes with the Gods, before WW shows up a few pages in.
    Orion deffo deserved that punch, not that it shows Di in an especially good light anyway. It makes her seem thuggish [even with good reason] and overreactionary-feminist for any female readers who are still reading this. These are all very reactive elements shes displaying, tho most of the blame for that can be put down to Azzarello whos forgotten whos book it is. Im not sorry to see the back of Lennox who was a lame ‘ mockney cockney’ and totally unwanted, and as for the ‘Steve’ joke; please. Is that a sop to the original fans who remember who he was; if so its a lame one too. so many things left unanswered; is War secretly influencing WW? How come Zola still doesnt have a surname or a backstory after all these issues?Even the cover is giving Di a bad image, having her kissing.
    A poor effort on so many levels.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I agree. Wonder Woman reacting all the time, seemingly without thinking most of the time, is getting old. I could go for some careful, measured responses for a change.

  4. Green Says:

    I liked this issue, but again some boring talking just to fill some pages. Like the almost endless poseidon and first born fight. This is what sucks in the comic.
    Orion deserved that, that was my favorite panel lol

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Yeah, a lot of the side stories feel like filler lately. The same information could be communicated a lot quicker, leaving more space for Wonder Woman to do things.

  5. Your Senior Drill Instructor Says:

    I agree that the kiss was probably more editorial than Azzarello. It was great to see WW punk Orion, though. Orion has always had a dichotomy in his personality. He was raised on a peaceful utopia by a loving father figure in Highfather, but he’s the biological son of Darkseid — meaning he’s predisposed to some very bad impulses. All these conflicting emotions *could* explain why he seems like a fairly decent guy at times and a complete douchebag at others. If I’m not mistaken I think the solicit for WW #22 said something about Diana getting to witness firsthand how Highfather keeps him on the straight and narrow.

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that things are going to improve now that the editorially mandated “WTF” crap is outta the way. We’ve got a confrontation with the First Born and a trip to New Genesis on deck, and I’m excited. 🙂

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