Starfire Gets A Ramona Flowers Haircut In New Teen Titans Go! Premiere

The new Teen Titans Go! series premiered this week on the Cartoon Network, and it was a pretty enjoyable show.  It definitely skews younger than Young Justice, and I would much rather have the New Gods-centric season that the Young Justice series finale hinted at, but I still enjoyed the new show.  It’s cute and amusing.

Plus, it reminded me of Scott Pilgrim, which is always a fun thing, even if it was most likely inadvertent.  In the first part of the episode, “Legendary Sandwiches”, Starfire heads out into space to retrieve the Stellar Tomato, a key component in making the greatest sandwich of all time.  Like I said, this show skews young.  When she reaches the distant planet, she engages in battle with a Sandwich Guardian who burns off part of her hair with a laser blast.  This is the resulting look:


Which struck me as very similar to Ramona Flower’s hairstyle from Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life, shown here from the awesome new colour edition:


Short bangs, weird hangy bits on the side, short in the back?  They’ve definitely got the same haircut.  Look for Starfire to meet a slacker who then has to battle her seven evil exes in future episodes of Teen Titans Go!

You can check out future episodes of Teen Titans Go! on the Cartoon Network on Tuesday nights.  It’s nice to have a fully clothed Starfire back to counter her generally terrible depiction in the New 52.  Plus Robin and Beast Boy and Cyborg!  It’s lots of fun.


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One Response to “Starfire Gets A Ramona Flowers Haircut In New Teen Titans Go! Premiere”

  1. Simo Says:

    Noudattaa syrjäytyä aika ajoin lähipiiri yhtä lailla liperi koulutusohjelma , vihainen tarvainen veitsi kuivalainen?

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