Geoff Johns Discusses A Live Action Wonder Woman And Gina Carano


Usually I don’t post much about Wonder Woman movie and TV news because most of it is unsubstantiated rumours, and even when the projects are real and have a shot to happen we still get burned.  The David E. Kelley pilot, the Amazon series, the Justice League movie… it’s been a bad run.  But yesterday in an interview with Collider, DC Comics’ Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns briefly talked about possible Wonder Woman projects.  Johns is pretty much DC’s official liaison to the film/TV departments of Warner Bros., so when he talks we should listen.  Here’s what he had to say:

Wonder Woman.  What is the possibility of something with that ending on TV, the big screen?

JOHNS: Very, very good.

So it’s still something that’s a priority?

JOHNS: Absolutely.

What are your thoughts on Gina Carano?  She’s in Fast & Furious 6, she was in Haywire.

JOHNS: Let’s move on…

So we know that they’re working on something, possibly someTHINGS for Wonder Woman, and that it’s a priority.  That’s rather vague and useless.  That’s true of any time in the past decade or so.  The interesting bit is Johns not answering the Gina Carano question.

Carano, a mixed martial artist and the star of the very underrated Haywire, is a fan favourite to take on the role of Wonder Woman.  Recently she caused a stir when she visited the Man of Steel set, fueling rumours that she was going to appear as Wonder Woman in the movie, but it turns out she was probably just there to visit her boyfriend, Henry Cavill.  Nonetheless, her name is regularly linked with Wonder Woman and Johns’ coyness here is intriguing.

Personally, I’m not sold on her for the role.  The fights would be amazing, but I think she’d need to work on her acting to take on a role like this.  If DC’s learned anything from Marvel, and I sincerely hope they have, it’s that the actors they choose and the personality and charm they bring to the characters are far more important than how they look in the suit and how well they can fight.

Anyway, we didn’t get a lot of information from Johns, but at least we know that it’s from a reliable source and, at the very least, that DC hasn’t forgotten they have this great character called Wonder Woman that they should really do something with.  Johns’ Carano sidestep probably doesn’t mean anything, though he did say to expect some announcements more generally at San Diego Comic Con this summer, so we’ll keep our eyes peeled for that.  It’ll be lots of fun to have some news to excite us and then inevitably disappoint us when it doesn’t pan out.


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2 Responses to “Geoff Johns Discusses A Live Action Wonder Woman And Gina Carano”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I hope he was being dismissive rather than coy. Gina Carano can’t act.

  2. Your Senior Drill Instructor Says:

    I don’t know that I’d want Gina to play WW on television or the big screen, but I’d sure as hell love to see her cosplay as WW because she has a magnificent ass. 😛

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