Wonder Woman #20 Preview

It feels a little early to be getting an issue of Wonder Woman already this month, but May is a five-week month and that just throws everything out of whack.  The Nerdist has a look at Wonder Woman #20, as well as an interview with Brian Azzarello where he, in classic Azzarello fashion, doesn’t really give anything away, so you can read the interview at your leisure and we’ll take a look at the pages:

ww20 ww20a ww20b ww20c ww20d ww20e

Maybe it’s just me, because I’m tired and perhaps a bit grumpy from being sick all weekend, but it feels like this preview took four pages to get to exactly where we were at the end of last issue without adding any new information other than that Apollo isn’t into barbecue.  Now, the fifth page is fun!  Wonder Woman tackling Artemis through a window is great.  But it’s some slow rehashing until then.

Also, it’s another issue with a serious lack of Cliff Chiang.  He did “breakdowns” for the issue, which is like a step lower than pencils; sort of loose sketches for each page.  He finished five of the pages, but Goran Sudzuka is doing the rest.  It feels like a while since we’ve had a full Chiang issue, and I’m really missing him.  These few pages here and there lately only leave me wanting more.

Wonder Woman #20 is out this Wednesday in comic shops everywhere.  I assume more things will happen than simply rehashing last issue.  This Wonder Woman/Artemis fight looks promising!


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4 Responses to “Wonder Woman #20 Preview”

  1. Green Says:

    Thought the first page was a replay of the #19 first page. at least some fight, first born may be the cliffhanger

  2. Karl Says:

    Same old, same old…
    first few pages with the Gods talking around each other, then the supporting cast, then suddenly the writer remembers Diana is in the book and *whoops* there she is.
    The fight could look promising, anyway.

  3. Titong Says:

    I guess Diana’s still miffed and boiling for a fight, after the last issue. She just lunges…not that Artemis does not deserve it, because I think, of all the gods, she’s been the annoying one thus far. Maybe Diana was named after the Roman goddess out of spite. 🙂

    Ursula would make a fine mate for Poseidon.

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