Queen Hippolyta And The Amazons Guest Star In Demon Knights

I haven’t been following Demon Knights closely, but my Twitter pal Randy Homier alerted me that the team visited Themyscira in the latest issue.  In Demon Knights #19, an army of vampires invaded the island, leading to a super cool night battle with the Amazons.  Here’s a shot of Hippolyta battling Fara, an Amazon-turned-vampire:


Demon Knights is set in the past, 1043 AD to be exact, so there was no Diana, but it was cool to see Bernard Chang take on the Amazons again.  I’ve been a fan of Chang since he filled in for Aaron Lopresti on a few issues during Gail Simone’s run on Wonder Woman, and I enjoyed his version of the New 52 Amazons.

Demon Knights #20 is set after the battle, with the team consulting the Amazon’s library for information on their quest to find the Holy Grail.  Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of elements from Azzarello and Chiang’s self-contained Wonder Woman run showing up elsewhere in the New 52, with Orion in Superman and the recent reveal in Teen Titans that Lennox is Wonder Girl’s father.  In Demon Knights, we got references to some of the more unsavory aspects of the New 52 Wonder Woman.

The exiled Amazon, and current Demon Knight, Exoristos explained to her team how the Amazons got news of the world:


This is a reference to the Amazons’ thrice a century raping and murdering of male sailors, which we learned about in Wonder Woman #7 and which I wasn’t at all pleased about.  I even wrote two posts about it pointing out the mythological inaccuracy of the new story.  Exoristos confirmed the brutal nature of the Amazons’ interactions with the sailors, stopping her Amazon sister, Khronika, from telling the rest of the Demon Knights what happens to the men:


I quite enjoyed the Amazons’ guest appearance generally, and Robert Venditti and the whole team are putting out a very cool book.  There’s lots of excitement, the characters are interesting, and the art is strong.  It brings me down that the Amazon’s tri-centennial raping and murdering  is bleeding into other books, though.  I was hoping it would sort of fade away and not get mentioned again.

Still, Demon Knights is a fun book.  Or was; DC just announced yesterday that its last issue ships in August, which is sad to hear.  It’s very different from the rest of the DC titles I follow, and it’s nice to have a change from the same cookie cutter superhero stories.  Plus, Hippolyta fighting vampires!  That’s just good stuff.  You’re not geting that anywhere else.


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