Women At DC Comics Watch – August 2013 Solicits


DC Comics is set to continue what looks to be a strong summer for female creators with their solicits for August 2013.  The numbers aren’t off the charts or anything, and certainly pale in comparison to the hundreds of men in DC’s solicits each month, but these are some relatively solid numbers and we continue to see some slight growth from where we were almost two years ago when we started checking in on the solicits.  Let’s see what’s up for female creators and characters in August:

  • For writers on the New 52, Ann Nocenti pens Katana #7 and Catwoman #23, Gail Simone writers Batgirl #23 and The Movement #4, and Christy Marx is on Birds of Prey #23.
  • For New 52 art, Nicola Scott pencils Earth 2 #15, Ricken is doing the cover for Birds of Prey #23, and Emanuela Lupacchino is drawing the cover and interior art for World’s Finest #15.
  • Outside of the New 52, Karen Traviss writes Batman: Arkham Unhinged #17 and Cat Staggs does the cover for Smallville Season 11 #16.
  • At Vertigo, Yuko Shimizu is on cover duty for The Unwritten #52, as always, while Gail Simone is writing and Becky Cloonan is drawing a story in American Vampire Anthology #1.
  • There isn’t much new for female characters in August, though Wonder Woman is appearing for the first time in Smallville Season 11 #16.  Jeff Lemire’s new book, Trillium, launches as well, and there seems to be a lady on the cover.  And while we don’t have many details on the American Vampire Anthology yet, I think it’s fairly safe to assume that some female characters will be involved.  The main book is usually quite good that way.

Altogether, there are 10 different female creators on 11 books in August.  This is down from July’s 13 and 13, but we’re still in double digits.  I think double digits is a reasonable benchmark to expect for female creators every month.  DC’s shown that they can meet it several times recently, so that will be our new expectation.  For the first year or so of this project, we were just glad to see more than the 4 or 5 women of the first few months, but the bar has been raised.  DC CAN hit dual double digits each month, so we’ll expect them to do so.

It’s a quiet month across the board at DC, with Trinity War wrapping up and not many new books launching, so things aren’t too exciting on the female character front.  However, the September solicits should be very fascinating.  Rumour has it that DC is doing an all villains month, with 52 #1 issues featuring villains from all over the DC universe, so it’ll be interesting to see how many women are involved in that, both in terms of characters and creators.  In terms of characters, Bleeding Cool reports that the Cheetah, Lady Vic, Nightmare Nurse, and the new female Ventriloquist are likely stars for titles in September, which isn’t a bad start.  Numerically, anyway.  This Nightmare Nurse just seems like a mess.

Overall, August looks to be decent for women at DC.  A fair number of women are working on various books, plus Wonder Woman’s going to be in another comic book, which is always fun.  Things still aren’t great, but they’ve definitely been a lot worse.


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