Wonder Woman And Orion Talk About Their Kiss In Superman #20

The first thing I said when I saw Wonder Woman kiss Orion in Wonder Woman #19 is that it would inevitably come up with Superman, and lo and behold it has.  Superman #20 finds Orion battling Superman, who has Hector Hammond in his brain or something, in order to erase important secrets of the universe from Hammond’s mind.  They duke it out in double page spreads for a while, and then Wonder Woman shows up and gets them both to calm down and sort things out.  Then Orion leaves thusly:


I guess Orion is as puzzled by the kiss in Wonder Woman #19 as I am.  I mean, if she wanted to threaten to rip his man parts off, she didn’t really need to kiss him first and distraction.  She’s a superpowered demigod.  She can just quickly reach out and grab.

Anyway, Superman calls Orion a jerk under his breath like it’s some sort of CW teen drama, and then he and Wonder Woman embrace and he says she doesn’t have to explain herself, and probably some indie band is playing a slow song in the background that builds to a crescendo as the scene ends.  It’s riveting stuff.

So Wonder Woman is again bleeding into the rest of the New 52, and yet again it’s kind of the crappy parts of the book.  I wouldn’t mind if Hermes was showing up everywhere; he’s awesome and fun.  But with the raping Amazons and boring Lennox and now the kiss being mentioned, it’s all the lame bits of the series that are getting out.  Thankfully Wonder Woman itself remains self-contained, and I hope it continues to be.  As much as I have various issues with the book, I appreciate that it is its own thing.  I don’t want to see Superman pop up in Wonder Woman, even though Cliff Chiang does draw a fantastic Superman.

I suppose I’m glad they fought BEFORE the whole kiss bit, because a fight after would have been ridiculously tacky.  So hooray, it definitely could have been worse and it wasn’t.  Hopefully Orion stays out of the Super-books for a while and we don’t have to ever deal with a jealousy-fueled brawl.


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9 Responses to “Wonder Woman And Orion Talk About Their Kiss In Superman #20”

  1. Carol Says:

    I remember Orion 1970 comic book, I was wondering does he still have the magic box from the gods to heal people whether it was physical, emotional, spiritual pain?

    I remember he was called by the hippies, ‘Mister Miracle”.
    My brother John has them all Orion set 1970. He thought he was great part of the Billy Jack’s Persona yet a god. He was part of the peace movement, Anti-war, Anti-drug, yet be free brother and sister.

    My brother John would buy Orion and Wonder Woman if he has the magic box, people still call him “Mister Miracle” and the Billy Jack’s Persona. He would helped the little man with kung fu and his bolt of lightening from the gods.

  2. Carol Says:

    1970 Orion would show the magic box to anyone who was in pain whether it was physical, emotional, spiritual, once they see inside the box, they were healed with perfection.

    Of course he rode a road hog and kung fu fighting being fast as lightening.

  3. IronBerserk Says:

    And here I was secretly hoping that the WW comic was taking place after the New 52 current big events which would explain the self containess…oh well 😛

  4. Green Says:

    Could have been worse, fight for WW. But in the Channel 52 is like they are fighint over WW, hate channel 52. oh God Seuperman and WW is really weird, she can’t even tell about the oroject (protect zola and zeke)? Superman seems to accept the kiss and her reserved attitude.
    what happen in WW book should stay only in her book, let Lobdell touchs it is dumb move. Lobdell, Orion,you and me doesn’t understand the kiss.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I can’t even read Channel 52. I try with every DC book I get and I just get instantaneously overwhelmed by how bad it is. What a massive waste of two pages. It’s so goofy and useless. I get mad just writing about it here 🙂 There are so many more interesting things they could be doing.

  5. Carol Says:

    1970 Orion lived in New York, he established a charitable foundation to help the poor, down in out, the unable to work because of the Vietnam War, their legs were gone etc. Is he still doing this in the Wonder Woman comic?

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