My Guest Post For The Lois Lane 75th Anniversary Celebration At Women Write About Comics


The super cool site Women Write About Comics is having a big Lois Lane 75th anniversary celebration, including a series of guest posts about Lois.  I got to write one with my friend Lori, and it just got posted today.  It’s about the Silver Age Lois Lane, and specifically about how she spends the vast majority of her own series, Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane, in tears.  She cries when Superman teaches her lessons (which he does all the time, setting up elaborate ruses to do so) or when she disappoints him through her actions or, more often, her appearance.  It’s a rough scene.  The poor girl is distraught all the time, trapped under the yoke of patriarchal oppression.

However, we suggest that there’s a silver lining to Lois’ tears.  In constantly weeping while being forced to conform to the norms of gender roles in the 1950s, the crying can be read as a subversive act.  Her obvious displeasure at her lot in life showed the unpleasantness of women’s role in society at the time, and some of her young readers noticed.

You can read the full post of “Lois Lane’s Cry For Help” over at Women Write About Comics!  It was a lot of fun to write.  Silver Age Lois Lane is a bizarrely fascinating character.


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2 Responses to “My Guest Post For The Lois Lane 75th Anniversary Celebration At Women Write About Comics”

  1. Karl Says:

    Good post you wrote there, you have a lovely turn of phrase!

    My Lois Lane collection is confined mainly to the early 70s, when the Thorn was her back-up strip [I adored the Thorn] and Lois’s battles with the 100 and trying to find her lost sister Lucy.
    Smashing stuff, brings back my childhood [it never truly went away].

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Thanks, Karl! I love 1970s SGFLL, particularly after she dumps Superman and strikes out on her own. It was a really cool time for female comic characters generally, with Barbara Gordon running for Congress and such. The ladies were doing some big things.

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