Saturday Evening Post Style Wonder Woman Art By Ruiz Burgos


I saw this on The Mary Sue’s tumblr page the other day, and thought it was very cool.  It’s a piece by a Spanish artist named Ruiz Burgos (you can see his DeviantArt page here) that captures the feel of Norman Rockwell’s classic Saturday Evening Post covers.  It shows a bit more leg than Rockwell ever did, perhaps, but still.  Wonder Woman talking with a little girl is always a cute scene, and Burgos draws it well.  It’s a nice looking bike, too.  The magazine details are also impressive.

SIDENOTE: When I first read “5c. the Copy” I thought it looked odd and that perhaps the Spanish artist had an English snafu, but then I looked it up and it’s actually correct.  What an odd way to list the price!

Anyway, it’s a cool piece.  I like a good retro Wonder Woman.


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2 Responses to “Saturday Evening Post Style Wonder Woman Art By Ruiz Burgos”

  1. Karl Says:

    What an absolutely lovely, lovely picture. It takes my imagination soaring to new heights. Ive never heard of this artist before but he should do much, much more of this thing. What I particulary enjoy is the girl speaking to WW; its evocative of Marston’s values where Diana would stop and preach to little girls about feminisim, a la the Holliday College girls. Lovely and nostalgic.
    And did you notice the cover of the comic the tot is holding? WWs first appearance in All-Star Comics! An added bonus. Its attention to detail is what makes this such a splendid work. I would love this as a poster, I really would.

  2. SusieQue1 Says:

    As neat-o as this picture is…and it is…Why is this warbike lain on it’s side?? Even Wonder Woman would know to put this bike upright…..Is she sitting on the bike in defeat? NO way… What am I missing? 🙂

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