Wonder Woman Villains Month Issues Starring Cheetah And The First Born Revealed

DC Comics recently announced that all of their New 52 comics in September would feature villains taking over the title for the month.  The distribution so far has been a little odd, with several titles getting multiple villains books (four each for Batman, Batman and Robin, Batman: The Dark Knight, AND Detective Comics, for example) and other titles nowhere to be seen.  As DC released new solicits each day this week, I was starting to worry about Wonder Woman getting any books, but lo and behold she’s got two.

Courtesy of Uproxx’s “Gamma Squad” section, we’ve got a look at the two Wonder Woman titles we’ll see in September.  First up is Wonder Woman #23.1: The Cheetah, written by John Ostrander with art by Victor Ibanez:


Ostrander is an old pro, so he’s an interesting choice for the book.  Given that we’ve seen the Cheetah in Justice League already, I’m assuming this book will tie more into that take on Wonder Woman than what Azzarello and Chiang are up to on the monthly series.  Here’s a plot description:

The Cheetah has clawed her way out of Belle Reve, and is hungry for blood—but before she steps up as one of the Secret Society’s most powerful generals, she has a personal score to settle! Learn the truth about the cult of Hippolyta, her vendetta against Wonder Woman, and just how far she’ll go to prove that she’s the most dangerous predator on Earth!

Part of the reason I think the Cheetah book will have more of a Justice League vibe is because the second issue, Wonder Woman #23.2: First Born ties directly into the monthly book.  Written by Brian Azzarello and drawn by Alex Cal, Azzarello says that the issue was an organic outgrowth of what they’ve been doing with Wonder Woman this year that will fill in some backstory:


And here’s the plot:

The First Born son of Zeus—Wonder Woman’s oldest brother—has returned to claim the throne of Olympus! But it’s been a long and bloody road to reach his destiny…and you won’t believe the horror when you meet the rest of Wonder Woman’s extended “family”!

Both issues should have the fancy 3D covers DC’s been going on about that could actually be quite cool if they turn out as good as they sound, but how do you have sweet 3D covers and not get Cliff Chiang drawing them?!  Ball dropped there, majorly.  Chiang’s covers are one of the best parts of Wonder Woman each month.  Also, if these issues match the rest of the “Villains Month” books, the price will go up to $3.99 each instead of the usual $2.99.  I guess 3D isn’t cheap.

I’m not sure on release dates yet, but they’ll be out in September.  I’d assume the first and third weeks, but that’s just a guess.  They didn’t post full solicits.  Anyway, it should be an interesting little experiment.


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10 Responses to “Wonder Woman Villains Month Issues Starring Cheetah And The First Born Revealed”

  1. Carol Says:

    In Ancient Greek Mythology Zeus’s first born was AGDISTIS -A Hermaphroditic God born when Zeus accidentally impregnated Gaia the Earth. Fearful of this strange creature the gods castrated it, and it became the goddess Kybele. [Agdistis and Kybele and their parents were Phrygian gods later identified with Greek counterparts].

  2. Carol Says:

    Agdistis (Ancient Greek: Ἄγδιστις) was a deity of Greek, Roman and Anatolian mythology, possessing both male and female sexual organs, connected with the Phrygian worship of Attis and Cybele.According to Pausanias, on one occasion Zeus unwittingly begot by the Earth a superhuman being which was at once man and woman, and was called Agdistis. In other versions, there was a rock, called “Agdo”, on which the Great Mother slept. Zeus impregnated the Great Mother (Gaia), which brought forth Agdistis.

  3. Karl Says:

    Yes, it should be interesting having these two books [I assume theyr taking the place of the regular WW book for that month] an dI like the idea of a 3-d cover, Ive seen the Earth 2 version and its fab.
    Having the Cheetah appear might be a good tie-in to her appearance last year in the Justice League book, where Diana actually was written quite well in her scenes with her.

  4. Titong Says:

    I thought the Cheetah, her origin in particular, that appeared in JL was a little lackluster (I still prefer Perez’ bloody version, to date), so this should be interesting. That “cult of Hippolyta” certainly caught my eye.

    No Chiang kind of disappoints, but I’m in.

  5. Carol Says:

    I prefer William Moulton Marston’s Cheetah—-The first woman to become the Cheetah, in Wonder Woman #6 (October 1943), is Priscilla Rich, a 1940s-era blonde Washington, D.C. debutante of aristocratic upbringing who also has an overwhelming inferiority complex and suffers from a split personality. After being eclipsed by Wonder Woman at a charity event and failing to kill her during an escapology act, Priscilla retreats to her room and collapses before her makeup mirror. There she sees an image of a woman dressed like a cheetah. “Horrors!” she cries, as she gazes at her evil inner-self for the first time. “Don’t you know me?” replies the reflection. “I am the REAL you—the Cheetah—a treacherous, relentless huntress!” The image commands her to fashion a Cheetah costume from a cheetah-skin rug. “From now on,” intones the reflection, “when I command you, you shall go forth dressed like your TRUE self and do as I command you…” The Cheetah frames Wonder Woman for a robbery by hiding the money in her apartment and tipping off the police, then sets fire to a warehouse Wonder Woman is in, although Wonder Woman escapes. Cheetah survives and goes on to menace Wonder Woman in subsequent stories.
    Priscilla was a member of Villainy Inc., a criminal association between several of Wonder Woman’s female foes.

  6. Karl Says:

    I prefer the Priscilla Rich version of the Cheetah, too tbh.
    I could never quite understand why the modern writers made Minerva the new Cheetah instead of the original.

    • Carol Says:

      I liked your thinking. Minerva was not a bad character, she did not come across as dangerous as Priscilla Rich. Priscilla could pay her way out.

  7. Green Says:

    Missing a strife #1, troll of Gods haha

  8. Carol Says:

    Agdistis was born when Zeus masterbated on Cybele’s sacred rock (Zeus had tried, unsuccessfully, to seduce Cybele). His spilled semen impregnated the earth with the hermaphrodite. Then Dionysus castrated Agdistis by tying his male genitals to a tree while Agdistis slept; the genitals were torn off when Agdistis moved to wake.
    From Agdistis’s blood, a pomogranate tree sprang up. Nana, a king’s daughter, ate its fruit and gave birth to Attis. Although both Cybele and Agdistis lusted after him, Attis was ordered to marry the Phrygian king Midas’ daughter. In a jealous rage, Agdistis drove the wedding party crazy. The princess cut off her breasts and Attis cut off his genitals. From the blood, violets sprang up, and an almond tree.

    At Cybele’s annual festival (March 15–27), a pine tree was cut and brought to her shrine, where it was honoured as a god and adorned with violets considered to have sprung from the blood of Attis. On March 24, the “Day of Blood,” her chief priest, the archigallus, drew blood from his arms and offered it to her to the music of cymbals, drums, and flutes, while the lower clergy whirled madly and slashed themselves to bespatter the altar and the sacred pine with their blood.

    On March 27 the silver statue of the goddess, with the sacred stone set in its head, was borne in procession and bathed in the Almo, a tributary of the Tiber River.

    Cybele’s ecstatic rites were at home and fully comprehensible in Asia, but they were too frenzied for Europeans farther west. Roman citizens were at first forbidden to take part in the ceremonies—a ban that was not removed until the time of the empire. Though her cult sometimes existed by itself, in its fully developed state the worship of the Great Mother was accompanied by that of Attis.

    Emperor Justinian-Had all Cybele and Agdistis’ temples burned and all members tortured until dead. Cybele, Agdistis’ priest would kidnapped children especially young boys and cut their members for the hermaphrodite god-goddess against their will. Young girls, they would cut their forearms to bled on the altar awhile the other priest played with drums, cymbals, horns to drown out her crying, pleading to stop it.

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