Wonder Woman Sales: #20 Returns To Normal Levels After An Abnormal April


Wonder Woman #19 shot up more than 20% last month, boosted by a “We Can Be Heroes” variant, and as expected those massive gains were only temporary.  While the losses this month look big compared to April, they’re actually relatively decent in terms of how the book was tracking beforehand, and the series remains reasonably steady.  In May 2013, Wonder Woman #20 was in 59th place on the sales charts with 37,132 copies sold, a drop of 20.1% from last month.  Here are the numbers for the issue, and the five issues previous:


NOTE: The average sales total is based on all of the available sales data, which currently comprises every issue of the series since September 1996, for 193 issues in total.  The average rank isn’t given because rank is dependent on what other books came out that month, and that’s such a variable that an average really wouldn’t mean anything.

So we’re back to normal now, and in fairly decent shape.  Compared to the March numbers, the last normal month for Wonder Woman, the series is up a spot on the charts and fell only 3.3%.  Over two months, that’s a decline of about 1.6% a month, which is very much in the ballpark of the standard attrition we expect to see from any regular series.

Among DC’s books, Wonder Woman ranked 23rd, down only one spot from March.  Considering that Aquaman and Justice League of America double shipped in May and that two one-time annuals ranked high on the charts, along with high numbers for the debut of The Wake, dropping only one spot is pretty good.  If we get a regular schedule next month without annuals or double shipping, Wonder Woman could go up even further among DC titles in June.

Wonder Woman had the biggest drop among DC titles, coming off a huge April, but not a lot of books had a great month.  Of the Top 25 books, only Detective Comics, Batman Incorporated, and one of the Aquamans were up, and of the 19 books that were down, only 5 fell less than 4%.  Wonder Woman’s drop over TWO months is less that the vast majority of DC books fell in just this one month.  

All together, Wonder Woman seems pretty stable when you set aside the April craziness.  The only issue is that it’s very near its historical average, which isn’t a big deal in any meaningful way; it’s more symbolic than anything else.  Nonetheless, it’s been rather fun to have a Wonder Woman series selling above average for so long, especially after a couple years of really rough sales before the New 52 relaunch.

June will be the test of the book’s stability moving forward.  May was a restabilizing month after an odd April, and hopefully the series remains in the realm of standard attrition as it builds to what’s looking like a big pre-Villain Month finale in August.

Prediction For Next Month: Last month I thought that Wonder Woman would drop harder than it did, and I was glad to be wrong about that.  I think for June we’ll see a drop just under 2%, for sales of about 36,450.  Check back next month to see how I did!


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10 Responses to “Wonder Woman Sales: #20 Returns To Normal Levels After An Abnormal April”

  1. Carol Says:

    I can understand in why Wonder Woman 52 is down. No one wants to read an incest story about who fathered Wonder Woman.

    In ancient Greek mythology, Ares the god of war is the father of Queen Hippolyta and. Her mother Otrera, the high priestess of Artemis. Ares the god of war his parents is Zeus and Hera. Zeus is grandfather of Queen Hippolyta who has raped her to produce Princess Diana. Zeus is now Princess Diana-Great Grand father and father. How is Princess Diana-Wonder Woman-mentally and physically normal?

    Incest was not illegal in Ancient Greece. The father, grandfather, great-grandfather would be buried alive sent to Hades. This was Zeus’Law.

    Accordingly to United States’ Law Incest sex is viewed as rape even if the victim is willingly to father or grandfather or great-grand father etc.

    • Daniel Amrhein Says:

      Incest has been a huge part of the Greek myths long before DC got their hands on it. Uranus sleeps with his mother Gaia who gives birth to Cronus and Rhea who sleep together and give birth to Zeus and Hera who also have kids together. I doubt that anyone interested in Greek myth would be turned off a series due to incest between gods.

      • Carol Says:

        Zeus and Hera were brother and sister, your point yes pointless….Wonder Woman is a victim of incest and abnormal.

        Incest is now part of Wonder Woman it will never be on TV.

        In Ancient Greece, incest with father, daughter, grandfather, granddaughter etc was a crime to being buried alive. The Greek soldier would grabbed the father or grandfather caught in the act would cut of his male member and then buried alive forty feet deep, then say go to Hades.

        apparently you do not understand, a Greek Actress, Greek Actor will tell DC comics to go to Hell for how they are treating Wonder Woman and their Amazon Queen Hippolyta.

      • Carol Says:

        Cronus and Rhea were brother and sister not father, daughter, grandfather and granddaughter etc. Gaia was earth not a woman form with Zeus.

  2. Carol Says:

    William Moulton Marston’s Wonder Woman, he created her to be statue being brought to life so she would not be related to Ares the god of war. She was brought to life by the goddess Aphrodite. Then she was blessed by the gods, goddesses to have special abilities of perfection. Wonder Woman- born a statue was higher than demi-goddess and even higher than the gods, goddesses themselves.

    If go by Ancient Greek mythology, Wonder Woman’s father should have been Theseus. He was the king of Greece. He was the father of Democracy. He was the first to step down to allow a staff of men, women to cast their votes in what was needed to be done. It was ole saying by the Greeks, “Not without Theseus.”

    Theseus married Queen Hippolyta in the Mid Summer’s Night Dream by William Shakespeare. Prior to marriage, they spar with each other, she fell in love with Theseus with his injury.

    Geoffrey Chaucer by The Canterbury Tales: The Knight’s Tale, Queen Hippolyta marries Theseus. She fell in love with him, because of stands of being a good ruler in Athens, wanting justice for all people, including women.

  3. Carol Says:

    Incest was illegal in Ancient Greece, sorry for type error. It was sentenced to death, buried alive all who commit it. Sure they allow brother and sister to marry, cousins to marry….they did not have our medical understanding. Parents having sex with their children was sentence to death.

    It is not crime I guess in DC comics.

  4. Carol Says:

    DC comics must realized forever that Wonder Woman will be in reruns with Lynda Carter 1975-1979. Wonder Woman back then she was born from a statue, goddess Aphrodite had brought her alive.

    If DC comic were to make Wonder woman a TV series or TV movie or motion picture, they have to remove the incest grandfather and his relationship with his grand-daughter Queen Hippolyta…..Greeks, Turks, Italians will write letters, phone calls, emails to protest this was not done in their ancient culture. Children, Teens would not be allowed to watch the series because of the incest cruelty which is rape in today’s law.

  5. Carol Says:

    Hercules is a half cousin of Queen Hippolyta. DC comics claim this is too Incest.

    Zeus is the grandfather of Queen Hippolyta is alright with DC comics. He had committed incest with his grand-daughter Queen Hippolyta.

    Wonder Woman is a victim of rape and incest….how can she be normal? Mentally and Physically….typical Titan is all she is.

    In the Ancient Greek thinking concerning Hercules, Zeus inhabited Hercules’ father Amphitryon’s body….when he had made love to Alcemene. Alcemene believed she was making love to her husband Amphitryon. Hercules is a product of both Zeus and Amphiltryon which means in the Ancient Greek not related by mortal blood and mortal DNA to Queen Hippolyta not really cousins . Where was Amphiltryon, he was physically and sexually with Alcemene…he did not know Zeus had inhabited his body. Alcemene had twins Hercules and Iphicles.

    Iphicles would have been excellent choice to have fathered Wonder Woman. . Iphicles was the father of Heracles’ charioteer Iolaus by Automedusa, daughter of Alcathous.

    Hercules’ nephew Iolaus could also been excellent choice as being the father of Wonder Woman.

  6. Carol Says:

    Ares is the only son of Hera and Zeus….Ares is the father of all Amazons. Ares was married to Harmonia a wood nymph the first generation of Amazons. Harmonia either moved on with divorce in her heart or she faded into Elysian fields.Ares married Otrera the high priestess of Artemis and they had the daughter Queen Hippolyta.

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