DC Announces Superman/Wonder Woman Series OR Why Not Just Call It Superman’s Girlfriend Wonder Woman?

Yesterday, IGN broke the news that DC is launching a new series in October called Superman/Wonder Woman.  Written by Charles Soule with art by Tony Daniel, the book “will serve to explore the budding relationship between the DCU’s most powerful heroes.”  Here’s a look at a preview piece by Daniel:


If you’re at all familiar with this site, you know that I’m not a fan of the Wonder Woman/Superman relationship, so news of this book isn’t making me too happy.  I’m all for Wonder Woman finally having a second title, but not like this.  I have some thoughts:

1) Superman is first, which annoys me.  I know he’s got the big movie and everything, and he’s the bigger draw, but he’s first EVERY time DC mentions the relationship.  It’s always “Superman and Wonder Woman”, and never “Wonder Woman and Superman”.  And now that’ll be cemented in comic book form.

2) Wonder Woman hasn’t had a regular second series since the Truman administration (or the St. Laurent administration, for my fellow Canadians).  Queen Elizabeth was still a princess when Wonder Woman last starred in Sensation Comics.  After six decades of progress for equal rights and such, Wonder Woman finally gets a second title and she’s a) second fiddle, and b) the main star’s girlfriend.

3) The promo art isn’t a cool, kick ass team up, or something dramatic and striking like Jae Lee’s upcoming Batman/Superman covers.  Nope, it’s a kiss.  Yet another kiss, in fact… it seems that’s all we see them do.  Somedays, counting all the New 52 art where Wonder Woman is kissing some dude, it seems that’s all DC thinks Wonder Woman is good for.  They’re superheroes.  It’s a superhero comic.  The promo art for Batman/Superman wasn’t something indicative of their personal relationship, like Bruce and Clark watching football on a couch together or something.  It was all black and white and heroic and cool, and a different image for each hero even.  But Superman/Wonder Woman is all about the romance.

4) Have you read any stories with this romance?  It’s rough stuff, entirely lacking the appeal of pretty much every other relationship each of them has ever had.  Wonder Woman’s guest arc in Batwoman had more sexual tension than any Wonder Woman/Superman story I’ve read yet.

5) “Exploring the budding relationship…” is just a terrible pitch.  Again, it’s a superhero comic.  What are they actually going to do in it?  Who’s the bad guy?  What’s the first solicit going to be? “The DCU’s two most powerful heroes face their greatest challenge yet: their fear of intimacy!  Can they work through their feelings to find the true love they’ve always wanted but have been afraid to have?”

6) What about Lois?  She’s barely around in comics, despite the HUGE movie they just released.  The Superman/Clark/Lois love triangle has been a great source of stories for ages, and has played out in a lot of fun ways.  Lois on her own is a fantastic character, and I think she deserves her own book, but something with Superman makes a lot of sense even if it didn’t have a thing to do with romance.

7) I was hoping Trinity War would involve them breaking up, so now I’m just bummed.

Now, while I’m not enthused for this series, I should make it clear that my problem is with the series itself and the folks in editorial who thought this was a good idea, not the creators.  I haven’t read much from Charles Soule yet, but I’ve heard fantastic things, and Tony Daniel is a solid artist who’s done some nice work at DC over the years.  I just think everything about this relationship is so dull and silly, and a whole book about it seems rather unappealing.

So yeah, this is dumb and I am annoyed, but I’m not at all shocked.  DC and I just aren’t seeing eye to eye when it comes to their treatment of ladies, real and fictional.  I think there should be more of them, in powerful and prominent roles.  They seem to think that ladies = romance, and turned Wonder Woman into Superman’s girlfriend.  And that’s how it’s read so far.  Superman’s not Wonder Woman’s boyfriend; Superman is Superman, and Wonder Woman is his girlfriend.  Anyway, look for the book and my review in October.  It might be quite a scene.


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23 Responses to “DC Announces Superman/Wonder Woman Series OR Why Not Just Call It Superman’s Girlfriend Wonder Woman?”

  1. Green Says:

    ladies like me are hating the relationship and book. I wonder what he will write in the book, there’s nothing interesting. Even Johns gave up. I think they will end in a not too far future and the book will be only team up

  2. Gordon Bishop Says:

    Ugh, I totally agree with what you said. And honestly, I hardly ever care about any superhero’s romantic life. This romance team-up is the last thing I wanted! The most iconic superheroine doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment.

    …Still, I hope that it does well. Strong sales could tell WB and DC that Wonder Woman is a profitable character. (I’m still praying for a sequel to Wonder Woman from 2009. Such a fantastic movie IMO.)

  3. Carol Says:

    Lets stick to the original concept for Wonder Woman by William Moulton Marston, she should be love with a mortal Steve Trevor. She loves Steve Trevor because he is willingly to sacrifice his life for others, knowing full well he might die. Steve Trevor loves Wonder Woman because she is always there at the very end, the nick of time to save his life.

    Superman belongs to Lois Lane….yet they might not be compatible because he is not mortal, they might not be able to have children.

    If DC comic is serious, Superman and Wonder Woman, please explore the possibility of them raising a child, let him grow up to being an adult.

    Superman and Wonder Woman’s romance has been done several times since 1950s’, even a Superman, Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman Triangle, even a Superman, Steve Trevor, Eros the god of love, Wonder Woman, quad in 1970s’ and 1980s’.

    • Jose Ahumada (@ThatJoser) Says:

      The original Steve Trevor attraction was “Oh, a man! I want that!” and “An angel! I must get her to marry me!” Not very deep and emotional at all.

      A super kid would be an interesting story, though.. It was teased in Kingdom Come (with Bat-Godfather). I really don’t understand why there’s so much anger or distaste for fictional stories about fictional characters…

      Nothing gets replaced.. it just adds to the library.. whether or not you like it is really up to you.

  4. Carol Says:

    1980s’ before Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor were to be married, she was torn and almost fallen in love with Eros the god of love. One of the Amazons told her to make up her mind, she needed love from a man, she meant Steve Trevor.

  5. Karl Says:

    This is nothing but a precursor to the upcoming Trinity War storyline, and I wouldnt be surprised if it lasts a year after thats over.
    Not a fan of Tony Daniel’s are either, his women are overly-sexual.
    I agree with everything being said in your post, couldnt have put it better myself. My only consolations are that WW will be in another book each month, and that hopefully she will be better represented here character-wise than in her own book.
    Wonder if it will be in the same vein of action like the recent Romance book in which Supes and WW appeared.

    • Carol Says:

      Wonder Woman is not a Clark Kent….when she is Diana Prince, she is mortal because she is away from Paradise Island or I mean Themysica…In Ancient Greece, Themysica is the capital of the Amazon Territory which was Troy present day Turkey and name of the island is Aretias which was in Troy present day Turkey. Jason had visited this little Island. Jason could be the half brother of Queen Hippolyta. They could share the same mother Otrera. Otrera was the high priestess of Artemis and the Queen of Aretias and her capital was Themysica. In Turkey they have beautiful statue of an Amazon and they do Amazon Festivals annually.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I think it’s after Trinity War. Trinity War looks to be crossing over all of the Justice League books over the summer, and that’s it. This doesn’t start up until October, so I’m assuming they stay together through all the warring and will be fixing to face off against whatever Forever Evil is going to throw at everybody.

  6. IronBerserk Says:

    LMAO, this book is hilarious. Maybe we could have finally a moment of WW and Supes banging in the sky causing earthquakes and tsunami’s 😛 LOL! (only the hardcore nerds will get this one)

    Personally I think this ain’t such a bad idea. WW and Supes hook up is awful, but there is no need in complaining about it. What’s done is done. Justice League hasn’t given much time to develop these two, so maybe this book will finally make me give a damn about this awkward relationship…or it could make me hate it even more which is definitely a scary possibility.

    As for it being not interesting, well I doubt this will turn into a full on romance comic. This is superheroes after all. I’m guessing a lot of team up and trusting each other fighting situations. As long as the writings good (wishful thinking) then I don’t care. I will definitely be checking it out.

    • IronBerserk Says:

      Ok, I take it all back. I take back this entire post. Just read some of Charles Soule’s twitter comments and many are about boning and flying…seriously, if that’s all that matter’s in a book like this, then fuck it. This is all a sex marketing ploy…like it always is! They are not getting a cent from me.

      • IronBerserk Says:

        Ok so I take this comment back as well (well now I just feel dumb and silly). Turns out that actually fully reading the posts on Charles Soule’s twitter shows that his number 1 focus is writing a great story. The sexual responses are mostly only done by other people questioning him about it. His responses are not sexually focused on the WW/Supes relationship.

        I got my info from dcwomankickingass.com which completely manipulated the twitter responses in order to make Soule look bad. Let this be a lesson to me, never judge too fast. I will be keeping an open mind and check out this comic.

      • Tim Hanley Says:

        Yeah, some of the things Soule has said so far can be read in various ways. And really, every writer says their number one focus is writing a great story 🙂 But yeah, while I think the book itself is a bad concept, there’s no point in judging the actual book itself until it’s out. I’d love to be pleasantly surprised by it, I’m just not optimistic.

  7. Titong Says:

    Maybe they should have put Lobdell in it. CW-indie-music-in-the-background treatment wins. 🙂

    I suppose DC can’t just resist. Too bad it’s not WW & Orion.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I’d put money on Orion showing up for love triangle fun 🙂 Hopefully not, but it’s an angle DC’s been working.

    • Green Says:

      I like orion and wonder woman…but Orion is not well known and it’s azzarello idea.
      love tringle I run away from this thing haha

      • Carol Says:

        I remember the original Orion from 1970s’ he was like Billy Jack, anti-war, anti-drug, be free brother and sister. He had a magic box which cure people if he showed them the box inside. He had a center in New York for the down and out from the Vietnam War and those who were homeless. He rode a road hog with other hippies who rode a road hog who did not know he was a god. My brother had the complete set…thought he was great, sadly it stopped some time in print 1972 or 1973.

  8. Nick Borelli (@nickborelli) Says:

    Superman is first because…he was the first super hero. No conspiracy there.

    • Carol Says:

      I agree with you Nick. First was Superman, Second was Wonder Woman, Third was Batman all written in 1930s’ 1940s’

      It is shame DC comic does not respect the original creator of Wonder Woman, she should be in love with Steve Trevor, this is the sole reason she left the island of perfection in the first place.

  9. Nilanjana Says:

    I hate the relationship more than any thing right now.I root for Lois and Clark and I have no words to explain how ridiculously stupid this idea is

  10. A Movie/Comic Book Entry – Wonder Woman! All the World is Waiting for You…(Part 3) | A Writer's Hail Mary Pass Says:

    […] Hera, who is the goddess of women, was made into Wonder Woman’s vengeful enemy.  In a key battle with Artemis, Wonder Woman takes off her vambraces, long since the symbol of the Amazons, to channel the full power of her father to defeat her own namesake.  She slayed Ares (it was a mercy killing) and is now the goddess of war (and the actual goddess of war is nowhere to be found for most of the 36 issues and then kind of takes off on her own).  She carried a sword and now her vambraces produce the sword.  She’s also relegated to Superman’s girlfriend in any comics outside her own (although that’s a different rant). […]

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