Wonder Woman #21 Preview OR Cliff Chiang Is Drawing The WHOLE Thing!

Sorry to be late getting up this preview!  The Los Angeles Times “Hero Complex” blog has had it up since Monday, but here it is for your viewing pleasure now before you pick up the issue today.  Let’s take a look:






Do you see who drew the issue, the WHOLE issue?  Cliff Chiang!!  The whole shebang, every page and the cover!  And it looks fantastic.  Plus there’s going to be a huge fight, plus I didn’t have to wade through any pages of what’s going on up on Mount Olympus.  This is what I want from my Wonder Woman comic, gorgeous art with Wonder Woman at the center of it.  Cliff Chiang just makes me happy.

So yeah, pick up the issue today!!  Blah blah blah First Born blah blah blah fight, who cares?  Chiang is drawing it all.  It’s going to be great!


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2 Responses to “Wonder Woman #21 Preview OR Cliff Chiang Is Drawing The WHOLE Thing!”

  1. Karl Says:

    It certainly looks good, dosent it….I shall reserve judgement until said issue arrives but being the ever-loyal WW fan that I am, I shall give it a go.
    And I do like how the action continues immediately from the previous issue, instead of another talkathon with the Gods. Thats a great start!

  2. Magpie Monday on Wednesday | Robert E. Stutts Says:

    […] Circumstances has a preview of Wonder Woman […]

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