Women At Marvel Comics Watch – September 2013 Solicits


Remember how I was all down about the low number of female creators at Marvel last month?  Well it’s even lower this month.  In fact, it might be the lowest number of female creators I’ve ever seen in solicits from the Big Two.  Luckily things look a bit better for fictional women at Marvel, but for real life folks things are rough.  Let’s go through the September solicits:

  • Kelly Sue DeConnick is writing Avengers Assemble #19 and Captain Marvel #16, while Marjorie Liu is writing Astonishing X-Men #67Journey Into Mystery was cancelled without fanfare, so Kathryn Immonen is gone.
  • Sara Pichelli is drawing the cover and interior art for Guardians of the Galaxy #7.
  • And that is all of the ladies working at Marvel this September.
  • On the fictional side of things, the new Mighty Avengers #1 has 2 of 5 for female characters on its cover (Spectrum and the White Tiger), and Inifinity: The Hunt #1 is 3 of 4 (She-Hulk and some people I don’t recognize offhand).
  • However, there are no ladies to be seen on the covers of Infinity: Heist #1 or Punisher: Trial of the Punisher #1, though I very much hope that Rachel Cole Alves is in the latter.  She’s a great new character.
  • Also, because Journey Into Mystery was cancelled, that’s another female-led book that’s been scrapped.

So this is bad.  We’ve got 3 different female creators on 4 different books in September, down substantially from last month’s already far too low 5 women on 7 books.  What the what, Marvel?!  I just don’t get it.  While the core of regular female creators has been small for a while, it used to be supplemented by various other creators showing up in cool, random books.  Now the number of regular creators is dwindling, and there is NO one else around.

Marvel’s been quite strong with female characters lately, and there looks to be some decent representation in September as well, but the low numbers for female creators are just baffling.  Marvel’s getting smoked by DC, and DC had AWFUL numbers for their mainline Villain Month books; they just made it up elsewhere.  DC had as many different female creators just for the 52 Villain Month books as Marvel does for their entire line!

So yeah, perhaps some noise needs to be made about this.  We take DC to task when they annually disappoint us each September (three years running now!), but Marvel’s numbers have sunk really low lately, and now they’re just abysmal.  They’re getting great press for female characters, as they should, and I’m over the moon that X-Men premiered so well, but three female creators for an entire month of comics is just terrible.


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