A Peek At Wonder Woman In The Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox Animated Movie


Newsarama has some images from the upcoming Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox animated movie, out July 30, and as you can see, they’ve made some interesting choices with Wonder Woman.  First, it looks like she’s eating a lemon.  And her head seems bizarrely small.  But the big change is that they’ve completely abandoned her cool, original Flashpoint costume:


Instead, we’ve got a jacked up version of the current New 52 design, complete with the silver, red, and blue colour scheme and the shape of the bird breastplate.  Literally no element of the original Flashpoint costume has survived.  Even the sword is completely different.  The thing that’s closest to the same is that the fins on the original Flashpoint helmet have been turned into a spiky sort of crown.  It’s an odd choice for a movie that seems to generally be sticking to the other designs from the comics based on what I’ve seen so far.

Personally, I prefer the original Flashpoint comic version.  It’s fun to see Wonder Woman in a completely different outfit with all of those cool armour elements.  Tweaks on what we see all the time are far less interesting.  Also, not that Wonder Woman needs to be covered all the time or anything, but I think it’s interesting that we’ve gone from a fully clothed and covered Wonder Woman to one showing the usual amount of skin.

On the plus side, if anyone’s missing Artemis she seems to be right there on Wonder Woman’s right.  And fully armoured, unlike most of the background Amazons.  Not covering their bellies may not end well for them in battle.

Anyway, Lois looks cool at least:


Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox is out on July 30 in various formats.  I’m still excited to see it, and I think it could make for a cool movie, but the Wonder Woman design is a little bit disappointing.


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