Wonder Woman #22 Preview OR Fun Times On New Genesis

The folks at IGN have a preview of Wonder Woman #22, out this Wednesday in comic shops everywhere.  When we last left our intrepid heroes, they were boom tubing their way out of London and landed in New Genesis, Orion’s home planet.  Let’s take a look at what happens next:







First off, we’ve got Chiang for a whole issue again, which is awesome.  Doubly so considering that his take on New Genesis looks super cool.  Chiang going to town redesigning New Genesis should be a blast.

This new New Genesis is intriguing all around.  It seems more authoritarian than past versions, with a less idyllic, utopian vibe than I’m used to seeing.  Chiang is clearly channeling Soviet propaganda with the cover, and Highfather seems a mix of iron-fisted and benevolent from what we can see here.  I’m curious to get a sense of the wider world in this issue, and the role it will play moving forward.

I do quite like Highfather’s outfit.  It’s very Big Barda, which is kind of cool.  Man, I hope Big Barda is in this issue.  Every comic could use more Big Barda.

Anyway, this issue looks like it’ll be a fun one!  I’m excited to see more of what Azzarello and Chiang have cooked up for this offworld adventure.


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9 Responses to “Wonder Woman #22 Preview OR Fun Times On New Genesis”

  1. Karl Says:

    Visually, this looks the most intriguing issue EVER – the entire look of New Genesis is attractive and disturbing at the same time. Its so clean and yet so…well, you know.
    The opening sequence with Diana being held in that device was striking to say the least. It all reminds me – the language, the veiled manners – of very Ray Bradbury/Fahrenheit 71 in mood, with a touch of Brave New World thrust in for good measure. Highfather in this tiny sequence is turning out already to be a real menace. Of course we havent read the rest of the issue yet…
    But all in all this is an encouraging start to bringing an end to this three-year saga. Despite my reticence to having the New Gods included in Diana’s own book, they do provide a miloscious effect upon the plot; its a chess game of cosmic proportions being shifted issue by issue with no clear point on whos winning or losing. Its delightfully unpredictable, and for that alone Im grateful.

  2. Karl Says:

    And Kirby crackle, to boot also! A nod to the King.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      It’s always fun to see the Kirby crackle. I love when they use it with the Greek gods, and WW’s powers… I enjoy the idea that the old and New Gods have a connection. I know it’s been played with a bunch over the years, but I still think it’s cool.

  3. Green Says:

    The Cliff Chiang’s art is so good here. Seems like he is getting even better. Liking New genesis and New Gods in wonder woman book. For me it’s working

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I’m assuming that since there have been a bunch of fill-in artists lately, Chiang’s been able to take his time with this and really get into the art. Whatever he’s doing, this is some great stuff.

  4. Your Senior Drill Instructor Says:

    Whoa. This is a more stern Highfather than we’re accustomed to seeing. I kinda felt sorry for Orion.

  5. Titong Says:

    The art is wow!

    If Highfather & Orion are differently flavored (better, in my opinion) , wonder what other tastes are there. I’m stoked for more of New Genesis.

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  7. Magpie Monday | Robert E. Stutts Says:

    […] Preview of Wonder Woman #22—on New Genesis! Drawn by Cliff Chiang! […]

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