Women At Marvel Comics Watch – October 2013 Solicits


DC’s October solicits had female creators in the double digits, but Marvel is in a real slump right now when it comes to ladies writing and drawing their books.  Combined with a general lack of female characters on their new titles, October is looking pretty rough for women of any variety at Marvel.  Let’s go through the solicits:

  • Kelly Sue DeConnick is writing Captain Marvel #17, but Avengers Assemble is an Infinity tie-in written by someone else, while Marjorie Liu writes Astonishing X-Men #68, although it is the series’ final issue.
  • The hilarious Sara Schaefer is writing a story and Colleen Coover is drawing a story in the comedy special Marvel NOW WHAT?! #1.
  • And that is it for female creators.
  • There are eight new #1 issues in October, not a single one of which features a female creator.  Of those 8 books, 4 feature a (single) female character: Black Widow is part of Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble #1, there’s a lady of some sort on the cover of Fantomex MAX #1, and Jean Grey is on the covers of 2 of a weird 3 part crossover, Superior Spider-Man Team-Up Special #1 and All New X-Men Special #1.
  • The end.

This is not a lot of women.  On the creator side, while we had 3 women on 4 books last month, we’ve reversed that with 4 women on 3 books this month.  That’s really not better, especially considering that two of the female creators are from a one-shot special and another’s book has been cancelled.

On the bright side, there are rumours of an Astonishing X-Men relaunch for the second wave of Marvel NOW!, and hopefully Kelly Sue DeConnick is back on Avengers Assemble next month and Sara Pichelli returns to Guardians of the Galaxy soon.  But for now, UGH October looks like an awful month for female creators at Marvel and unless a bunch of stuff changes, November’s might be terrible too.  Let’s cross our fingers for some fun, lady-based announcements to come out of SDCC this weekend.

As for female characters, this is pretty weak comparatively.  Marvel’s done well including female characters as of late, but a lady here and there across 8 new titles is small potatoes.  Plus, of those 8 books, 7 star dudes and one is a team book comprised of a majority of dudes.

So yeah, it’s slim pickings for women at Marvel in October.  This past stretch has been especially bad for female creators; they’ve gone from 5 in August to 3 in September to 4 now.  DC has more female creditors solicited for October than Marvel does for the past three months combined.  It’s getting pretty ridiculous.  I don’t know what’s happening over at Marvel, but I hope that someone soon notices that they’ve been forgetting to hire women.


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