A Peek At Tony Daniels’ Full Wraparound Cover For Superman/Wonder Woman #1

I’m dreading this book, yet I keep talking about it.  I must be some kind of a masochist.  This post will be cheerier, though.  Or neutral at least.  I can definitely hit neutral.

Tony S. Daniel has posted the full inked original art for his wraparound cover for Superman/Wonder Woman #1.  We only saw part of it in the solicit, so now we can see who all is on Wonder Woman’s side:


Let’s start at Zola and go clockwise in a sort of spiral.  We’ve got Zola, Hermes, Wonder Woman, Orion, Ares, what I’m guessing is the First Born, Hephaestus, then down to Apollo, Strife, Hippolyta, Lennox, and my best guess is Hera for the gal in the middle.  We can’t see the whole thing, so maybe Demeter and/or Artemis is off to the side.

So that’s about everyone we’re used to seeing in Wonder Woman, with a few minor omissions.  It’s nice to see Hippolyta again.  It would be fun if she came back to life soon.  And Strife is always a good time; if anyone needs a wider presence at DC, it’s Strife.  That gal is a hoot.

Also, it looks like Faora is on the Superman side, which is very fun.  Faora was the only decent thing about Man of Steel, and I’m hoping that she gets a bigger comic book presence soon.

Anyway, all of these folks being on a wraparound cover is no guarantee they’ll be in the book.  So far, the only ones we can be sure of are Wonder Woman, Superman, and Doomsday.  But it stands to reason that the cast of Wonder Woman will pop up in this new title and become more integrated in the wider New 52 universe.  Though if I was Charles Soule, I’d stick Superman, Wonder Woman, and their romantic shenanigans in the background and make Strife the star of the book, like a bait and switch, secret Strife spinoff!  Now that I would be excited for.


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