Comic Con 2013 Wonder Woman News Round-Up OR Is It Possible To Have A Negative Amount Of News?

Now that Comic Con 2013 has wrapped up in San Diego, it’s time to sift through the piles of announcements and panels and find out what’s new and exciting for Wonder Woman.  It turns out, not a lot.  Barely anything in fact.  There’s lots of news for everyone else, but things were pretty quiet for Wonder Woman.

Let’s start with the comics.  First, we got a look at the fully coloured, foldout cover for Superman/Wonder Woman #1, so that’s something I suppose:


But then people started talking about Superman/Wonder Woman and it all turned into a big downer.  First, the book was part of the Superman panel, because there was a Superman panel and not a Wonder Woman panel because there’s never ever a Wonder Woman panel.  Then, Charles Soule described the book as “epic punching – things that are dangerous and huge always get in the way of their romance”, which sounds sort of terrible.  Finally, in describing the book at Sunday’s “Meet the Co-publishers” panel, Dan DiDio stated:

We want to keep building on Superman’s legend and lore. We also wanted to build on the story of this relationship. It’s a centerpiece of the New 52 to show we’re in a new area.

That’s right, SUPERMAN’s legend and lore, not Wonder Woman’s. I guess Wonder Woman just happened to be the nearest woman to Superman when they decided he needed a new romance story so he could have another book to punch things in.

Anyway, the news wasn’t so hot on the comics front, so let’s turn to the movies.  Marvel certainly made a big splash with the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron announcement.  Plus their panel featured a lot of ladies: Scarlett Johannson, Cobie Smulders, Emily Van Camp, Karen Gillan, and Zoe Saldana were all onstage.  While none of them are the leads of the movies, that’s a lot of gals compared to the Warner Bros. panel, where they announced that the Man of Steel sequel would be a Superman/Batman team-up.  Not Justice League.  No Wonder Woman movie on the horizon.  Just two dudes.  AND DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson called a Wonder Woman adaptation “tricky” in an interview last week, so it sounds like there might not be a Wonder Woman movie any time soon.

On the positive side, there was a rumour that they’d announce a Flash movie for 2016, and that was never mentioned.  If they had, the internet probably would’ve collectively lost its mind; a Flash movie before a Wonder Woman would just be insane.  But yeah, it’s Superman and Batman next AND it sounds like they’re going to fight.  Man of Steel was an absolute trainwreck, so I can’t even imagine how terrible this next one is going to be.  I look forward to the inevitable Clark/Lois/Bruce love triangle.

However, there was one fun piece of Wonder Woman news.  In the upcoming The Lego Movie, Wonder Woman will be voice by Cobie Smulders, a fun choice considering she was Joss Whedon’s pick to play her when he was working on his ill-fated live action Wonder Woman movie.  So that’ll be cool!  Probably brief, but cool.

All in all, it wasn’t a great Comic Con for Wonder Woman.  She got massively overshadowed by Superman at the comic panels, and in all of the recaps I read they only ever talked about Superman/Wonder Woman and didn’t mention her solo title.  Then Batman’s set to get his THIRD film franchise reboot before Wonder Woman even gets one movie.  Luckily we’ve got Lego, at least.  Lego is always fun.


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27 Responses to “Comic Con 2013 Wonder Woman News Round-Up OR Is It Possible To Have A Negative Amount Of News?”

  1. jgyorfi Says:

    It shocks me that a character that they build up as part of their ‘Trinity’ and the only little things we get about Wonder Woman is her voice actor for the Lego movie. She isn’t even getting talked about in the book she is co-staring in. It bothers me that the closest anyone talked about her was Brian Azzarello before the con in facing criticism over him creating a supporting cast for her , and how he stated that Superman wouldn’t be showing up in the Wonder Woman title since he already has too many books. And that the Orion was part of the original pitch for the book.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Yeah, right now Wonder Woman is, at best, DC’s sixth most important character. Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and the Flash are all clearly ahead of her, and there are arguments to be made for more.

    • Green Says:

      Azzarello has the best WW portrayal from Reboot. He expanded her universe to the New Gods. He is trying his best to bring good things for her.

      • jgyorfi Says:

        Absolutely agree with you Green. I think outside of Azzarello the only person I’ve been able to get behind in writing WW was J.H. Williams III for Batwoman (but I am not up to date with that series). Bringing in the New Gods into WW mythos was a smart move.

  2. crackwalker Says:

    This kind of second-rate treatment was exactly what worried me when they decided Superman and Wonder Woman should be lovers.

    “Superman and His Girlfriend”

  3. Karl Says:

    And none of the actresses who were at the convention are even remotely suitable for any WW role, I mean Van Camp? Star of the moment thanks to ‘Revenge’ but this time next year she will be yesterdays news. Gillan? Again another ex-Doctor Who bimbo who will have one major film role then slide into obscurity.
    Smulders should at least have being interviewed over doing a possible animated WW movie.

  4. Sarah The Rebel Says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Looks like we’re not the only ones worried about Wonder Woman!

  5. Your Senior Drill Instructor Says:

    I didn’t here anything DC-related that got me excited. On the movie front, they’re trying to hard to compete with Marvel/Disney and its gonna blow up in their faces. The reason why Marvel has had such great success with their shared cinematic universe is because they were meticulous and methodical in building it. DC/WB, on the other hand are just flying by the seat of their pants. I mean, they’re really going to give more work to Snyder and Goyer after they took a dump on Superman?!?

    Oh, and this SM/WW thing has become a nightmare that I can’t wake up from. Did you hear about how WW treated Hephaestus in JLA #6?

  6. IronBerserk Says:

    LOL, I actually really liked the Man of Steel movie. The many themes that connected together were brilliant and I loved how they handled the Krypton origin. It’s definitely flawed in many areas, the biggest being Superman not batting an eye to all the destruction. But I looked past it…tried anyways 😛

    WW getting the shaft again just isn’t surprising me anymore. I just continue to support the books and repress my anger towards DC.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Well you’re just wrong about Man of Steel 😉 But yeah, I completely agree that WW getting the shaft isn’t surprising. I try my best not to expect cool WW news because I know it’s not coming, but I can’t help but hope!

      • IronBerserk Says:

        Ouch, douchey 😛 lmao! I’d challenge you to an argument, but internet face offs always end up bad due to miscommunication. Lets just say that I liked Man of Steel due to its great use of themes such as moral choice and politics, infused with interesting Sci-fi themes that can be found in classic novels such as Brave New World. It all fits together very well in my opinion.

      • Tim Hanley Says:

        Ha 🙂 I’m glad you dug it. And there’s no need for arguing… we can discuss rationally! I just found it grey and meh and pessimistic, which is pretty much the opposite of what I want from Superman. But that’s just me. Also, it was hilariously not subtle with the Jesus imagery 🙂 Faora was pretty awesome, though.

    • crackwalker Says:

      Gratuitous destruction aside, I found the film very ham-handed with any emotional content. Zack Snyder is great with the visuals, but seems to ignore his characters at times.

      For example, Lois and Superman’s kiss came out of nowhere, so much so that I laughed out loud when it happened. There was never any sense of building attraction between them, it felt shoehorned into the movie.

      Same with killing Zod. Don’t get me wrong, I had no problem with Superman killing a guy who is basically space hitler – I had a problem with finding out that Superman didn’t want to kill him AFTER he had done it. At no point did I feel like Superman was NOT trying to kill him; he had no dialogue anywhere that let us know this was an issue for him, and from his actions, he seemed to be hitting Zod with everything he had right from the start so when he’s crying about it at the end, it felt tacked on.

      In that regard, I am glad that WB is staying away from WW for a while – I am worried about what treatment the character would get under the Nolan/Snyder regime

      • Ryan Metzger Says:

        Well I think people are misunderstanding Nolan’s actually involvement with Man of Steel. He only helped develop the story and oversaw the project was on schedule, and did his best with the material that was shot by the cinematography and director. I think it would have been much greater if he was at least hired on to do a draft of the screenplay (being that he’s a two-time academy nominated screenwriter). David Goyer’s screenwriting can be from ok to thin to atrocious (see Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, the Unborn). He was more supportive to Nolan and his brother in the writing of the Dark Knight trilogy in his knowledge of the comics.

  7. Ryan Metzger Says:


  8. Ryan Metzger Says:

    On the subject of Wonder Woman, this is a complete missed opportunity to do something creative, inventive, with a well known character and beat Marvel to the punch with an authoritative female figure. Could you imagine for instance an Tarantino-written (Kill Bills, Django Unchained) screenplay, directed by Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty) who was the first woman director to win a Best Director Oscar?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Re: Beating Marvel to the punch – It sounds like they going to miss that boat – Black Widow is getting a much larger role in Capt America 2 (I really hope they don’t have a romantic angle)

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Kathryn Bigelow would be an interesting choice for director. I’d be curious to see what she would do with something a little lighter than her usual fare.

      • Ryan Metzger Says:

        Exactly, I think it’d be an advantage to DC to take talent of different directors and screenwriters from their usual fare and work together to make a cohesive universe. While they would still be able to make their films of their own of course. They plucked Nolan straight from the indie/arthouse film genre with his Following, Memento and let him bring Batman to life. I think they should take the opportunity to bring in fresh perspectives to the material that otherwise wouldn’t do superhero/comic book movies. It would give a distinct flare to DC movies I believe compared to the Marvel one’s. In recent memory, I was disappointed when Darren Aronofsky left the Wolverine project and they did a rewrite of the script afterwards. He had such a vision for his Wolverine movie that Hugh Jackman even was in awe of it and excited to do it.
        When they started releasing the trailer I could help but keep thinking ‘meh’ this could’ve been so much more visionary even by the trailer. I’m still going to see it, but I’m worried I’ll just be wondering what could’ve been….

  9. Green Says:

    Everytime DC/warner announce movies and doesn’t include a WW movie:
    it can be that hard, they have millions to do something good…

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