The Ladydrawers Have A Kickstarter For Their New Documentary, Comics Undressed


Being a gender in comics stats enthusiast myself, I’m a big fan of the Ladydrawers and the work they do about the representation of minorities in all sorts of media.  Plus they often do it in comic form, which makes for an entertaining read.  The Chicago-based collective is now hard at work on a new project, a documentary called Comics Undressed.  Here’s a description of the film from their Kickstarter page:

The Ladydrawers documentary Comics Undressed is an ambitious project with the primary aim of addressing media justice in comics and popular culture. We intend to portray the underlying forms of discrimination that impact representations of women, queers, trans folk, non-binary gender people, and people of color. We seek to support a diversity of racial, gender, and sexual identities that make up our society as well as unveil the surprising economic injustices and cultural biases that occur. Our goal is to present a sincere heartfelt documentary that captures our love for comics while critiquing the structure of the comics industry. We intend to implement an experimental process to give form to our extensive original research that mirrors the comics themselves. Through a myriad of interviews with comics creators, readers, bloggers, vendors, fans, and the general public, we strive to foster a multiplicity of viewpoints in the comic-book world and our culture at large.

This documentary will utilize statistical information gathered by the Ladydrawers and will become an extension of our comics work in hopes of spreading our findings through a medium accessible to an even larger audience. But in a way that the comics can’t, it will also show the world against which comics are set — the sometimes uncomfortable boob-heavy, bro-friendly faniverse that publishers — and, increasingly, movie studios — aim to keep happy.

This sounds like a fascinating project, and you can visit their Kickstarter page to learn more and see the various backer levels if you’re interesting in supporting them.  You can get posters, original art, and copies of the documentary; if you’ve got the big bucks, you can even be an associate or executive producer!  They’re looking to get $15,000 to finish up production of the documentary, and have raised a few thousand dollars thus far.  The Ladydrawers do excellent work and this looks like an intriguing and important documentary, so if you’re interested in the representation of women, LGBT, and race in comics then I hope you’ll consider supporting the project.


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