More Yanick Paquette Art From Wonder Woman: Earth One

Grant Morrison was interviewed in USA Today this weekend, and we got a look at two more of Yanick Paquette’s pages from Wonder Woman: Earth One.  Morrison said that Paquette’s only completed 18 pages of the book so far, so I doubt we’ll be seeing it particularly soon, but the art thus far has been quite nice.  As much as I’m leery of Morrison writing Wonder Woman, I’m excited to see Paquette’s full take on her and the Amazons.  Here are the pages:



I particularly like that in the crowd scene the Amazons aren’t wearing generic togas or some such.  Everyone’s got a slightly different style: some dresses, some skirts, some pants, tops of various makes and patterns.  Just by moving away from toga-centric clothing, the Amazons automatically get more personality as they each have their own individual look.  I think that approach to the Amazons is very cool.

Apart from the lovely art, Morrison also revealed that:

Diana’s a lot more defiant in it and she’s not sent to man’s world — she runs away to it so there’s a very different dynamic between her and Hippolyta, and the entire thing basically takes place around a trial.

I think this might be the first time he’s mentioned that, though he’s done a billion interviews lately.  I may have missed one.  Anyway, it sounds like there’s no divinely ordained mission or competition to choose a champion, and instead Wonder Woman is running away to man’s world.  Which apparently doesn’t go over too well, seeing as there’s a trial and all.  That’s certainly a new approach to Wonder Woman’s origin.  There’s always been a hint of rebellion in Diana becoming Wonder Woman, with most origin stories involving Hippolyta forbidding Diana to participate in the competition to choose a champion and Diana doing so anyway, but Morrison looks to be taking it a step further.

Anyway, the art is very fun.  The rest I’m concerned about, but Paquette looks to be killing it thus far.


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3 Responses to “More Yanick Paquette Art From Wonder Woman: Earth One”

  1. Karl Says:

    Looks lovely.
    Only 18 pages so far tho? Great Hera, we will be waiting forever before this comes out then . Still…if the script matches up to the lush artwork, we may finally have something worth waiting for.
    Do we know exactly how many pages this graphic novel will comprise of?
    Again tho, lovely, beautiful art on display. IMPRESSED.

    • Your Senior Drill Instructor Says:

      Its a 120 pages long, which means its probably not coming out until late 2014 at the earliest.

  2. Karl Says:


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