Women At DC Comics Watch – November 2013 Solicits


I was a little bit worried that we’d see a big drop this month after we had so many female creators on a Vertigo one-shot anthology in October, but it seems that my concerns were ill founded.  There are female creators all over the place in November, and a new book with a female lead character as well.  Let’s go through the solicits:

  • For writers in the New 52 books, Marguerite Bennett is on Batgirl #25, Christy Marx pens Birds of Prey #25, Ann Nocenti writes Katana #9, Amanda Conner co-writes Harley Quinn #0, and Gail Simone is on The Movement #6 (she should be back on Batgirl in December).
  • For New 52 artists, Amanda Conner is drawing the covers for Batwing #25 and Harley Quinn #0, Rachel Dodson inks the cover for Catwoman #25, Emanuela Lupacchino is doing the cover of Worlds’ Finest #17, and Nicola Scott pencils the interior of Earth 2 #17.
  • Amusingly, the official solicits actually listed “Emanual Lupaccino” and “Nicolas Scott”, but we know who they meant.
  • Outside of the New 52, Colleen Coover is drawing a story in Batman ’66 #5, Karen Traviss writes Batman: Arkham Unhinged #20, Cat Staggs is doing the cover to Smallville Season 11 #19, and Heather Nuhfer is writing Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? #39.
  • At Vertigo, Caitlin Kittredge writes Coffin Hill #2 and Meghan Hetrick-Murante is doing the interior art on Fairest #21The Unwritten isn’t in the solicits, so we’re missing Yuko Shimizu.
  • As you probably saw above, Harley Quinn has her own book starting in November.  And it’s got a team of superstar artists as well, ostensibly competing to get the job of regular artist.  It looks like it could be fun.  Another new title is Scooby-Doo Team-Up #1, which I assume will feature Daphne and Velma.  The only other new title in November is Dead Boy Detectives #1, which doesn’t seem to feature any female leads.

All together, there are 14 different women set to work on 15 different books in November, one female creator less than in October, but two books more.  These are some really good numbers, and it’s great to see two strong months after the weak showing in September for Villains Month.

It’s also nice to see a bit more representation across the board.  Gail Simone may have gotten bumped from Batgirl for a “Zero Year” tie-in, but the fill-in writer replacing her is up the up and coming Marguerite Bennett.  It’s also great to have Amanda Conner back writing again, and to have new (to DC) names like Heather Nuhfer and Meghan Hetrick-Murante.  Colleen Coover is a well-established artist who’s done some work at Marvel (and on Bandette, of course), but I think this is only her second book at DC, and her first in a couple of years; she’s a perfect choice fit for Batman ’66.  Plus many female creators from last month are back again in what I hope continue to be regular gigs.

With only three new titles in November, a solo Harley Quinn book stands out especially well.  She’s a fan favourite, so hopefully people are excited and will check it out.  While it does continue the trend I find irksome of having female creators working primarily on female characters, Amanda Conner is a great choice for the book, which she’ll co-write with Jimmy Palmiotti.

So November is looking very good for women at DC.  There’s still a long way to go, with male creators outnumbering female creators by at least 10 to 1, but we’ve had months with only 4 or 5 female creators and no new female characters at all, so this is pretty decent.  Hopefully DC can keep it going in December.


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