All Three DC Nation Wonder Woman Shorts Are Now Online, And They’re AWESOME

I was super excited for Robert Valley’s Wonder Woman shorts when I saw the first teaser clip a few weeks back, but I’m up here in Canada and I don’t get DC Nation.  We have some weird Canadian version of the Cartoon Network that is less good, so I wasn’t able to see the shorts.  But now they’re online, and they’re just ridiculously good.  The animation is crazy cool, Wonder Woman is bad ass as hell, Giganta uses a pair of Jeeps as rollerskates, and the whole thing ends with a sweet surf battle and an epic backhand slap.  Plus there’s an inept Steve Trevor; I enjoy inept Steve Trevor.

Anyway, these are the coolest.  I would like more, please.  Perhaps a regular show?  With distribution in Canada, preferably.  Check them out:


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4 Responses to “All Three DC Nation Wonder Woman Shorts Are Now Online, And They’re AWESOME”

  1. Carol Says:

    WOW enjoy the DC Nation Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. I love to see more. How about tv series.

  2. Carol Says:

    I would give $20 for good old fashion DVD for it….just make 2 Hours.

  3. Your Senior Drill Instructor Says:

    I hate to hear that you don’t get DC Nation, Tim. The “Tales of Metropolis” short starring Lois Lane was really hilarious. check it out:

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