No Female Characters In McDonald’s Beware The Batman Happy Meal Toys

happymealThis is just getting ridiculous.  Since starting this blog a couple years back, I’ve done four different posts about the complete lack of female characters in McDonald’s Happy Meal toy lines based on DC characters.  This will be the fifth, with their new Beware the Batman line.

Before we get to that, let’s do a quick recap.  First, a series of Young Justice toys in March 2011 only included male characters, despite the team prominently featuring several female members:


Their multitudinous Batman: The Brave and the Bold toy line didn’t fare any better in May 2011:


Almost a year later, the Green Lantern: The Animated Series toy collection had no ladies at all:


And then in November 2012 we got a second Young Justice line that again ignored the show’s many female character’s:


Now McDonald’s is set to launch a Beware the Batman toy line, based on the new Cartoon Network show.  Not surprisingly, there are no gals whatsoever.  In fact, there’s only one guy, over and over:


We all love Batman, of course, but that’s a lot of Batman.  Who does a toy line with only one character?  How are you supposed to play with those?  You need sidekicks and villains so you can make your own awesome stories.

Speaking of sidekicks, Batman’s main sidekick in the show is Katana, a female character.  She’s on all the posters and everything, and she’s really cool.  She’s got a sword even!  But no, it’s just Batman, and McDonald’s already has a second line of toys for girls anyway, based on The Wizard of Oz:


Which oddly enough actually features some male characters.  Half of the “girl” line are males, while none of the “boy” line is.

That McDonald’s regularly features two different lines based on some rather stereotypical and reductive concepts of gender is annoying enough, but the complete lack of female representation in their superhero-based toys is just dumb.  Notice how the Wizard of Oz toys include the male characters that feature prominently in the story, while ALL of their superhero lines exclude the many female characters who are key parts of each program.  You’ve got to go out of your way to not include a single female character over five different lines of superhero toys. They’re really hard to miss, but it seems that DC and McDonald’s have learned how to expertly turn a blind eye.  It shouldn’t be so hard to get a female superhero with your chicken nuggets.


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13 Responses to “No Female Characters In McDonald’s Beware The Batman Happy Meal Toys”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Word! My other issue with the “girl toys” is that they are usually cloyingly sweet in contrast to whatever manly “boy toys” they’re offering. Bleh… I’m so glad my daughter has outgrown Happy Meals.

  2. Paul Says:

    I’m all for gender equality & the past examples are annoying but the fact Beware The Batman has no OTHER characters apart from The Dark Knight himself means this is not really worth mentioning this time.

    The whole ‘boy’ toy vs ‘girl’ toy that McDonalds push is worth discussion though.

    • IronBerserk Says:

      Good point! First we need to get rid of the whole girl/boy toy separation dilemma and then we can focus on more female action figures.

      There is nothing wrong with a boy playing with “girl” toys. If I had a son playing with many Barbies, I’d probably be more worried that he’d become a pimp more than anything else 😛 LOL!

      • Paul Says:

        Brave and the Bold had 2 sets of toys, Young Justice did also (even if the 2nd were skateboards) So I think we’ll see another BtB set next year and if that doesnt included Katana (who to by this point will be well established as the sidekick – its six episodes in at this point & she’s still training) then I’ll be good to start shouting.

      • Tim Hanley Says:

        Sounds like a plan. I’ll see you then, either with celebratory streamers or shouts of discontent. I’m betting on the latter, but you never know.

      • Ryan villella Says:

        It’s good to be separate toys ok but if a girl wants batman ask for batman but the wall breaking thing is more retarted than Peter griffin

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I think it’s worth mentioning in that it continues a long line of no female characters in the McDonald’s superhero toy line. It’s certainly far less ridiculous than, say, the Brave and the Bold line, but it’s yet another time when they could have easily included a female character and chose not to.

  3. Joe S. Walker Says:

    Even by this blog’s pissant-crusader standards, this is ludicrously petty.

  4. Julian Bobo Says:

    You guys have no life man they are just TOYS FOR KIDS TO HAVE IN A MEAL NOT A DAM REPUBLIC ARGUMENT YOU WANT A GIRL TOY go to the dan store and buy a young justice miss Martian in 2 pack or something but don’t bitch about some toys for 5 year olds the point that you made this show that you have no life and this is coming from a [13 year old]

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The Batman The Animated Series first line of Happy Meal toys featured Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Batgirl. That’s always been my favortie set.

  6. Ryan villella Says:

    Wow this is not that big a deal katana is cool but its not that big a deal girls have their toy line and boys have theirs boys don’t like playing with girl figures and girls don’t care if its a boy or a girl I mean its not the end of the world you know that right? I mean who cares if katana is not in the line it’s bat man and we all love bat man

  7. Ryan villella Says:

    Bunch of ungrateful feminist!! It’s not stereotype it’s just that boys have good line girls have good line but just bitch all you want ok you can bitch all you want peace out bitches

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