DC Comics Villains Get Tattooed On Ink Master, Including A Killer Catwoman And A Poor Poison Ivy

Last night on Spike’s tattooing competition show Ink Master, the artists had to tattoo DC Comics villains for their main challenge in front of special guest judge and Batman artist Greg Capullo.  It was a rather clever tie-in to Villains Month, and not coincidentally all of the villains tattooed last night also have their own Villains Month issue (or, in the case of Catwoman, their own regular series).

Oddly, the show seemed poorly advertised for such a cool tie-in.  DC had a press release on their website, but that’s about it; I didn’t find out about the show until Bleeding Cool did a post about it a few hours before it aired.  And here’s the thing: I’m nothing if not inundated with comics news ALL day, AND I actually watch Ink Master, and I STILL had no idea this was happening.  Maybe I missed the coverage elsewhere, but from my perspective it feels like a missed promotional opportunity across the board.

Regardless, it was a good show.  There was the usual fighting and yelling that takes up far too much time on Ink Master; they always pick such volatile contestants.  But the tattoos turned out really nice for the most part.  And they’re all online, so we can take a look.

This one actually sucked.  Jime Litwalk did Poison Ivy in his own style instead of making the tattoo look like comic art, plus he went way too heavy on the green.  Each week the group of people who get tattooed vote on the worst tattoo, and he got the nod this week:


Tatu Baby (yes, she actually wants people to call her that) did the Joker, and it was pretty good apart from her running low on time and having to truncate the torso oddly:


Joshua Hibbard recreated a Secret Six cover with his Bane tattoo, which went over very well with the judges and nearly won him best tattoo of the night:


However, Joey Hamilton took top honours with this fantastic Catwoman tattoo that Greg Capullo absolutely loved:


Jason Clay Dunn’s Deathstroke tattoo was decent, though he ended up in the bottom three due to a lack of colour saturation:


Jackie Jennings’ tattoo was SPOILER ALERT the worst of the night and she was sent home, partly due to some shaky lines but also because she flipped the tattoo and had Two-Face burned on the wrong side:


Finally, Kyle Dunbar’s Darkseid turned out really well, and the judges loved the detail in the face though they were less pleased with the background (he also had a time issue):


All in all, it was a strong group of tattoos from what has been a sketchy group of artists this season.  There’s been a lot of rough work, and I’d say that this episode was the best they’ve done yet as a group.  Plus it was a cool Villains Month tie-in, and I was far more interested in the tattooing adventures than I am for any of the Villains Month comics.  It wasn’t quite as fun as when the contestants on Syfy’s Face Off got to create a new DC villain, but it was still a good time.  I’m curious to see what creative reality show DC ends up working with next.  Maybe they’ll design some alternate costumes for Wonder Woman on Project Runway.  I’d definitely watch that.


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8 Responses to “DC Comics Villains Get Tattooed On Ink Master, Including A Killer Catwoman And A Poor Poison Ivy”

  1. Edge380 Says:

    I don’t always agree with Nunez and Peck, and here we’re split again. Oliver liked JCD’s Deathstroke; Chris complained about color saturation and sent Dunn to the bottom three.

    I disagree strongly, and here’s my critique. Which tattoo conveys motion within the tattoo? Notice Dunn’s use of shell casings (background) and rocks (foreground). These are used to convey motion and bring the action figure to life. In this sense, his tattoo is much more DC active than the winner, Joey Hamilton’s Cat Woman.

    With another artistic trick, JCD bumped up the contrast with a bright background. One of only two backgrounds in the DC competition.
    Obviously there were time constraints and Kyle Dunbar’s Darkseid
    suffered from a poorly designed background.

    One of Nunez’s worst of the day, no way Chris, Jason clearly won the competition. Where Cat Woman stops, Deathstroke;leaps off the canvas. Great design Jason, way to stick to your guns, literally, figuratively, and artistically.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I was also surprised at the heavy criticism Dunn got for his tattoo. While the orange in the costume could have been a bit stronger, the blues looked fine to me and the overall execution was dynamic and totally captured the comic book spirit of the challenge. I don’t know if it was the best tattoo because it was a really strong week for several artists, but it definitely didn’t deserve to be bottom three at all.

      • Edge380 Says:

        Good eye Tim, thanks for the reply.

        “and totally captured the comic book spirit of the challenge”

        Except for Jime, who balked on Poison Ivy, the artists got into the spirit of comic book art. In my opinion, Deathstroke looks poised to do what his name implies. On the other hand, Catwoman looks like a playful “pin-up”.

        If I was selecting one artist to design for DC comics based on this competition, it would be JCD. He has the only Burne Hogarth, DFD, tattoo on the board.

        These other guys are great portrait artists, but this is DC day. You, me and Greg Capullo should recognize a great DFD tattoo. We’re comic book aficionados.

        Based upon that, I reassert the aforementioned:
        “no way Chris, Jason clearly won the competition”
        Hands down.

        Can I get a “hell yea!”, Tim.

        Thanks for talking Book, great blog Tim,

      • Tim Hanley Says:

        I’d still give it to Hamilton’s Catwoman, much as I do really like Dunn’s Deathstroke. When you look closely at the Catwoman tattoo, you can see how Hamilton emulated the hatching of the original art (it looks based on a Jim Lee piece) very precisely, doing great linework that just screams “comic book” to me. While Dunn had more of an action pose, his linework was less sharp, using a fading technique for the blacks more than delicate linework. Dunn picked the more exciting design (I think both of them were just straight copying existing comic art), but I think Hamilton did the more technically proficient tattoo when you blow them both up and look at them closely. That’s just my opinion, though.
        Thanks for the kind words on the site!

      • Edge380 Says:

        I’ll concede the last word to the moderator, and close this thread. You liked Catwoman; I liked Deathstroke.

        Thanks Tim,

  2. Barry Stanton Says:

    The Darkseid is genius, the background that these “experts” didn’t appreciate are classic Kirby Dots! Jack Kirby created Darkseid! It’s a wonderful homage.

  3. ramon prentiss mcghee Says:

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  4. aparecida Says:

    eu vou falar c/ o Oliver, sobre o palito q ele usa na boca: sou brasileira, trabalho em um laboratório, e fico triste em ver vc c/ esse palito, pq é feito de uma madeira aqui do Brasil chamada pinus que pode dar uma doença chamada blasto micose, que é muito parecida com o cancer., muito perigosa, por favor amo vcs, deixe o palito, mi bjs.

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