Aaron Kuder And Cliff Chiang Variant Covers For Superman/Wonder Woman #1

Last week, Comic Vine posted an exclusive look at two variant covers for the upcoming Superman/ Wonder Woman #1, which I had totally forgot about until today so we’re going to look at them now.  We’ve seen the Tony Daniel cover several times already, but here are some alternatives for you to track down if you are so inclined.

First up is this Paradise Island themed cover by Aaron Kuder:


I think the layout of this is very striking, with the shattered vase and Superman posed like a statue behind Wonder Woman.  It well captures the sadness Diana must associate with her home since her family was wiped out.

If you want something a little cheerier, Cliff Chiang has the duo flying through Metropolis:


It’s very retro, and feels like an old movie poster.  It almost reminds me of posters I’ve seen for Metropolis, the 1927 film, which would be rather fitting.

So we’ve got two very nice variant covers for the series no one demanded and no one seems particularly enthused about.  I will say this though: I think the art will be good.  Tony Daniel has been growing as an artist over the past several years, evolving from a solid Jim Lee impression to having more of his own style and vibe.  I was genuinely excited for his run on Action Comics with Andy Diggle until that blew up spectacularly, and I think he could be a good fit for Superman/Wonder Woman.  So maybe it’ll be okay to look at least.  We’ll soon find out, because the book is out October 9, just three weeks from tomorrow.


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4 Responses to “Aaron Kuder And Cliff Chiang Variant Covers For Superman/Wonder Woman #1”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    “no one” huh? Exaggerate much?

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I have never, ever, ever exaggerated in my entire life. Not once. I don’t even think I am physically capable of exaggerating, that’s how committed to non-exaggeration I am.
      Seriously, though, I’ve seen little to no enthusiasm for this book, and TONS of general derision. I do hope it’s good though. My fingers are crossed for it to thoroughly exceed my expectations.

  2. John S Says:

    So no one is excited? Wow. Really? You can speak for yourself but how can you presume to speak for fans or know what the enthusiam is?.I really will never understand how anyone can make such hyperbolic statements. Where on the internet are you hanging? Try just googling the duo and you’ll see people excited as well. The derision is from the typical haters for the new 52. The same new 52 that is selling and re-energized the industry. You will find the Internet is hardly the place to gauge enthusiasm. It’s a good place for self appointed know-it-alls though.When it does sell, how do you rationalize your broad sweeping comments? People who don’t want it spend money on it? Are they that foolish? Or maybe you right really be exaggerating much as the other comment accurately noted.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Obviously the “no one” was hyperbolic. I’m sure there are some people out there who are excited about the book. I just honestly haven’t come across many, while I’ve seen tons of people who aren’t keen for the book or the Wonder Woman/Superman relationship generally.
      RANDOM SIDE STORY: For Free Comic Book Day, my local shop puts out regular comics they happen to have extra copies of that they’re looking to get rid of because no one is buying them. The most numerous title, by far? Justice League #12, with the Wonder Woman/Superman kiss. There were STACKS of them. I could have wallpapered my house twice over in Justice League #12 pages if I was so inclined.
      Anyway, I’m sure it will premiere with decent sales, as new titles with big characters tend to do. Batman/Superman #1 came in at what, 150,000 or so? I think this’ll be less than that, maybe 130,000. And then there’ll be a few big drops as it levels out, and we’ll see where it settles. That will depend on how good the book is. Maybe it’s fantastic and it’ll be a hit. Maybe it’ll suck and bomb. We won’t know until it’s out. Point being, I fully expect it to sell well, initially for sure and perhaps long term depending on the quality. I just haven’t seen much/any excitement for the book or the relationship generally.
      People do spend money on comics they don’t want ALL the time, though. I bought every JMS issue of Superman and Wonder Woman, just to continue my lengthy runs of both titles. It was a rough time. And I’m buying this because Wonder Woman’s in it, even though I don’t think it sounds very good.

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