Wonder Woman #23.2 First Born Preview

MTV Geek! has a look at this week’s Wonder Woman #23.2 First Born comic, another Villains Month title that’ll come with one of those fancy 3D covers.  Last week’s Cheetah title was okay but didn’t seem particularly relevant to either Wonder Woman or Justice League.  This book, however, is written by Brian Azzarello and should tie in directly to what’s going on in Wonder Woman now.  Let’s take a peek:

ww232a ww232b ww232c ww232dFirst, sorry about the double page spread there.  Even if you click on it, it doesn’t get particularly large.  Sometimes in previews the two-page spread images get condensed like that, making them rather hard to read.  You can make out most of the dialogue if you look closely, though your eyes might go squirrelly.  Here’s a transcript of my best guess at the dialogue:

Apollo: … and of family.

Girl: Who’s…

Apollo: That’s why I need you.  I know next to nothing about him other than he’s my brother.

Girl: I ain’t never seen him before!

Apollo: No one has for a long time, my pretty, petty things.  But you see him now.  Tell me, little oracles…

What we can tell for sure is that Apollo is turning the girls into oracles like he did way back in Wonder Woman #1, and that in this case he’s using them to find out the history of the First Born.

We don’t learn a lot from the preview that we didn’t know already, but I’m sure the book will go into more detail as it continues.  Azzarello is usually good at setting things up and including details that will be relevant later, so I’m sure this issue will be a key piece of the larger story going on in Wonder Woman.

Look for Wonder Woman #23.2 First Born this Wednesday, and my review soon after if you’re at all interested in reading me blather on about it.


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2 Responses to “Wonder Woman #23.2 First Born Preview”

  1. Karl Says:

    Will Diana herself be in this issue, or is it all First Born?
    I shall still get it regardless as the character does fascinate me, tho this seems a retread of the first issue two years ago.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I doubt we’ll see much of Diana in this one. It looks to be pretty First Born-centric, and set largely in the past, but you never know. Perhaps in an epilogue of some kind?

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