Wonder Woman Sales: #23 Up 8 Spots Despite 2.2% Drop


Wonder Woman continues to be a ridiculously healthy title, especially compared to every other book around it.  Sales may slip slightly each month, but every other book seems to be racing down past it at breakneck speed.  In August 2013, Wonder Woman #23 was in 55th place on the sales chart with 34,747 copies sold, a drop of 2.2%.  Here are the numbers for the issue, and the five issues previous:


NOTE: The average sales total is based on all of the available sales data, which currently comprises every issue of the series since September 1996, for 196 issues in total.  The average rank isn’t given because rank is dependent on what other books came out that month, and that’s such a variable that an average really wouldn’t mean anything.

Not counting April’s issue, which got a big boost from a variant cover, this is the best month Wonder Woman’s had on the sales chart since February.  Losing 2.2% is slightly higher than last month’s drop, but it’s still firmly within the realm of standard attrition.  And good lord, a lot of other books are dropping like stones.

Of DC’s Top 25 titles, Wonder Woman #23 was 21st and had the sixth best month relative to the month previous, along with the fourth lowest drop.  Only two books had gains, both of which were Trinity War tie-ins.  Wonder Woman’s 21st place is up five spots from last month, helped by no new annuals in August and some big drops elsewhere: The Green Lantern books recently got new creative teams, and the non-main titles aren’t doing so hot.  Green Lantern: New Guardians #22 sold 5,000 more copies than Wonder Woman #22 in July, but it dropped 15.5% and fell below Wonder Woman on this month’s chart.  Furthermore, Green Lantern Corps fell 14.1% and while it was just ahead of Wonder Woman this month, it’s very likely it’ll fall below in October (September is Villains Month, so it’ll be two months until we’re back to the regular title).  The new Batman ’66 digital first title is similarly poised to fall below Wonder Woman soon after a substantial second issue drop.

Rising 8 spots on the overall sales chart is an impressive feat for a regular, non-event issue that actually dropped in sales.  While it was a slow month for new titles on the top of the chart, with Infinity #1 as the only premiere issue ahead of Wonder Woman, and thus there were fewer books to push Wonder Woman down, we would’ve expected Wonder Woman to maintain its spot, but instead it shot up.  The book’s sustainability relative to the rest of the comic market is impressive, and appears set to continue given the last few months of solid numbers.

Prediction For Next Month: I was too optimistic last month, and the book fell a bit farther than I thought it would in terms of percentage lost, but that’ll be nothing compared to how off this prediction will be.  September is Villains Month, where Wonder Woman is replaced by two special issues: Wonder Woman #23.1 The Cheetah and Wonder Woman #23.2 First Born.  I have NO idea how they’re going to sell.  They’re a buck more than the regular series because of their fancy 3D covers, and only one appears to actually tie into what’s going on in Wonder Woman.  I’m leaning towards going low because of that, but people are suckers for events and fancy covers.  This is such a stab in the dark… how about 40,000 for the Cheetah and 35,000 for the First Born?  Check back next month to see how I did.  I’ll be wildly off, I’m sure.


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