Rainfall Films’ Wonder Woman Short Viewed Nearly 3 Million Times In Two Days


Yeah, a Wonder Woman movie would never work.  Good grief.

Rainfall Film’s Wonder Woman short, which just came out last Monday, has already been watched almost three MILLION times on Youtube.  In TWO days.  It was even the top featured video on Youtube yesterday.  This is just a short that a small production/visual effects company put together because they really dig Wonder Woman.  It had no major studio backing, no major stars, and is just two and a half minutes of Wonder Woman beating up some dudes and a minotaur.  And it’s HUGE.

As a comparison, the new The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug trailer debuted yesterday, and it’s got about three and a half million views so far.  That this Wonder Woman short is in the ballpark of a trailer of a MAJOR motion picture, the fifth in a wildly successful film series, with a massive studio system behind it and announcements on pretty much every single entertainment site speaks volumes.  The Hobbit had an epic built in audience and a gigantic press network advertising it.  The Wonder Woman short had some posts on mainly geek related sites and a ton of people on Twitter going “Holy cats, this is awesome!” and sharing it with their friends.

So yeah, the short has been wildly successful, and I’m glad for everyone involved.  They did a fantastic job with it.  The obvious question now is: How has Warner Bros. not made a Wonder Woman movie yet?  An unsanctioned Wonder Woman short is absolutely killing it.  Imagine how much bigger an official Wonder Woman movie would be.

Plus, this is a WONDER WOMAN short.  Just Diana, and the Amazons, of course.  She’s not shoehorned into a Batman/Superman movie, or appearing as part of the Justice League.  It’s just her, and it’s ridiculously popular.  Take a lesson from that, Warner Bros.

Here’s the short again if you haven’t seen it yet, starring Rileah Vanderbilt and directed by Sam Balcomb.  Check it out; it’s all the rage:


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One Response to “Rainfall Films’ Wonder Woman Short Viewed Nearly 3 Million Times In Two Days”

  1. Karl Says:

    Ive recommended this amazing video to all my friends and mentioned it on all the forums I go on, especially the other WW ones.
    Fantastic news…this surely MUST signal to some Hollywood studio that a WW movie is actually possible, never mind doable.

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