Women In Comics Statistics: DC And Marvel, July 2013 Odds And Ends

With the monthly “Gendercrunching” post up over at Bleeding Cool, it’s time to look a little closer at DC and Marvel’s stats for female creators from July 2013.


DC is right on par with its six month average overall, but things are up and down on the category side of things.  Let’s take a look:


Cover artists, writers, pencillers, inkers, and letterers are all nicely above their recent average, with an especially strong showing for writers.  It’s good to see some more female representation in the categories that actually get your name on the cover of the book.  However, colorists, editors, and assistant editors are all down compared to the six months previous, slightly for the first two but rather noticeably for assistant editors.  Everything levels out to about where it was before, which is decent, but it’d be nice to see these great gains paired with some stability elsewhere and not counteracted by losses.

To the odds and ends:

  • There was at least one female writer every single week (and three twice!).  This regularity is doubly impressive considering that July was a five-Wednesday month.
  • Cover artists were the only other creative category with at least one female creator a week, and they actually had at least two a week.
  • For new books, Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1 had 12 creators, none of them ladies; Batman ’66 #1 was 1 for 6 (Laura Allred on the cover); the excellent Collider #1 (now titled FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics) was 1 for 7 (Sara Miller assistant editing); and Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril #1 was 2 of 7 (Kristy Quinn editing, with Jordie Bellaire coloring the interior and cover).
  • The busiest book of the month was Superman Unchained #2 thanks to a pack of variant covers.  It had 23 credited creators, 2 of them women.
  • The book with the highest percentage of female creators was the Smallville Season 11 Special #2 at a whopping 5 of 6 for female creators!  That’s crazy impressive.


Marvel set a new record for the highest percentage of female creators overall this month, so not surprisingly they fared rather well compared to their past average in a lot of spots.  Here are their numbers for July along with their six month average:


They surpassed their average overall by a wide margin, ending up 1.3% ahead of their past total.  This is a big jump, and a fantastic total.  Writers and editors were down by a noticeable margin, but cover artists, pencillers, inkers, colorists, AND assistant editors were all up in a similarly noticeable fashion.  If you’re going to drop big in a couple of categories, it’s good to shoot up big in five other ones.  All together, the gains far outweighed the losses and things turned out really nicely for Marvel in July.  This is the third or fourth time Marvel’s busted the record in the past year.

Now some odds and ends:

  • The only creative category to have at least one female creator each week was colorists, who had at least two every week!
  • The overall percentage of female creators was in double digits every week, with a low of 11.8% and a high of 19.6%.
  • There were no female letterers yet again, now making it 981 DAYS since Marvel has employed a female letters.  If this keeps up, next month we’ll break a thousand.
  • It was a busy month for new books!  Avengers A.I. #1 was 1 of 12 (Lauren Sankovitch editing), Dexter #1 was 1 of 7 (Emily Shaw assistant editing), Emerald City of Oz #1 was 1 of 7 (Sana Amanat editing), Guardians of the Galaxy: Tomorrow’s Avengers #1 was 2 of 9 (Ming Doyle on cover and interior art, Ellie Pyle assistant editing), and What If? AvX #1 was 2 of 7 (Rachelle Rosenberg coloring, Jennifer M. Smith assistant editing).
  • That was just the first week!  For the rest of the month, Superior Carnage #1 was 1 of 8 (Sana Amanat editing), Hunger #1 was 1 of 9 (Emily Shaw assistant editing), Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #1 was 3 of 13 (Rachelle Roseberg coloring, Sana Amanat editing, Rachel Dodson on a variant cover), and Wolverine: In The Flesh #1 was 2 of 9 (Jeanine Schaefer editing, Jennifer M. Smith assistant editing).
  • The busiest book of the month was a tie between Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #1 and Scarlet Spider #19, both with 13 credited creators (the former had 3 female creators, the latter none).
  • The book with the highest percentage of female creators was Astonishing X-Men #64 at 4 of 7.
  • To learn more about this statistics project and its methodology click here, and to see the previous stats click here.

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