Superman/Wonder Woman #1 Preview

Tomorrow marks the debut of Charles Soule and Tony S. Daniels’ all new Superman/Wonder Woman, and while an unlettered preview has been up for a few weeks, now we’ve got a proper preview with words and everything, courtesy of Newsarama Let’s take a gander; you can click on the cover and the double page spread to see bigger images:





I’ve not been too keen on this project, for a couple of reasons.  Initially it was because of Wonder Woman’s secondary billing, a backseat role she’s taken since her relationship with Superman began in Justice League #12.  She’s always Superman’s girlfriend, and he’s the star.  Even if this book was somehow presented as an equal team-up, it’s being managed by the Superman editorial staff.  It’s a Superman spinoff that happens to co-star Wonder Woman, and that still irks me.

Also, the interviews with both Soule and Daniels haven’t done much for my confidence in the book, nor have the solicits.  Really, everything related to the content of the book has left me rather cold.  I’ve yet to read or see anything that made me think “Oh neat, this could be a cool book.”

That being said, it’s clean slate time.  The book is out tomorrow, I’m going to buy it, and it’s time to forget about all of that stuff and just read the book.  Coming into it expecting not to like it, or with preconceived notions from interviews and solicits, is just a recipe for a bad reading experience.  If “Wonder Woman” is in the title of a book, I’m going to buy it, and I’m going to do so hoping that it’s a well done, entertaining showcase for the character.

This preview doesn’t give us a lot to go on, other than a lot of set up.  Wonder Woman and Superman are out on a date, a big storm kicks up and an airplane is in trouble, and they both shoot off to save the day.  I’m sure chaos is about to ensue.  Daniels’ art looks nice, and Superman chastising himself for trying to sound like a big strong hero is kind of amusing.  I assume the thing in the ocean is Doomsday, if the solicit is any indication, but we’ll have to wait for tomorrow to know for sure.

Superman/Wonder Woman #1 will be in comic stores everywhere tomorrow, with a bunch of cool looking variant covers too.  It’s a big day for new comics generally; I’m also really excited for Afterlife With Archie #1 and Three #1.  PLUS, Smallville Season 11 #18 is out as well!  I haven’t seen a preview yet, but if the first two issues of the “Olympus” Wonder Woman arc are any indication, this one will continue to be a lot of fun.  Tomorrow is an expensive day to be a comic fan!


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3 Responses to “Superman/Wonder Woman #1 Preview”

  1. Green Says:

    there’s a review SPOILERS

    I don’t know about buying everything with wonder woman name on it. sometimes I think it is the comic fans mistake: buy everything with batman, superman or your favorite character on it. Just some thoughts

  2. Karl Says:

    To be fair, Superman is such an absolute icon that no matter who you teamed him with in a comic, he would always take first billing.
    Nice splash page; Daniels’ Diana looks very attractive.
    I shall be getting this book too, plus the Smallville issue.

  3. truemistersix Says:

    I’ve not been a fan of the romantic pairing of these guys at all. I’ve all but stopped reading anything DC now and this will likely not be one I’ll pick up. I totally get where you’re coming from – all the preview/promotional stuff inspires no confidence at all.

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