Wonder Woman #24 Preview AKA House Hunters International

The Mary Sue seems to be the place to go for Wonder Woman related previews lately, and now they’ve got a peek at Wonder Woman #24.  Last we saw our intrepid hero, she had defeated the First Born and killed her mentor Ares, taking over his role as the God of War.  And now, it seems, she’s skipping out on her first day of godly work.  Let’s take a look:




ww24d ww24e ww24f

Hey, my favourite jacket is back!  I love that look for Diana; it’s all sorts of cool.  It looks like Azzarello is back to his old style of starting each issue with the gods conversing before moving on to Wonder Woman’s adventures, but it seems that now the two stories will quickly merge, since Hermes is there to take Wonder Woman to Mount Olympus for a family meeting.

Diana, Zola, and Hera are busy looking for a house in London, one that will fit their ever growing group.  With Diana being whisked off to Mount Olympus, you know what that means: Zola and Hera hijinks!  Hopefully they’ll get up to some fun shenanigans while Diana is off working her other job.

One last note: The cover lists the price of the comic as $3.99, when Wonder Woman is usually $2.99.  I don’t know if this is a misprint, or if DC had so much fun charging everyone four bucks for lame 3D covers last month that they’re going to keep doing it with their regular books.  The solicit lists the price as $2.99, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens when the book comes out on Wednesday.

Look for Wonder Woman #24 in comic shops everywhere this Wednesday, perhaps a little later in the day than usual if there are shipping delays from Columbus Day in the USA and Thanksgiving up here in Canada.  Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians, by the way!


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