Wonder Woman Sales: The Cheetah And The First Born Near The Bottom Of Villains Month


We’re going to eschew the usual charts and whatnot this month because Villains Month has everything all jacked up.  The charts in general were a bit of a mess; all of the Villains Month titles had two entries, one for the fancy 3D covers and one for the cheaper, non-3D covers.  I went through and added everything together, and while The Cheetah and The First Born issues did well relative to what Wonder Woman usually sells, they were at the back of the pack among the other Villains Month books.  Here are their numbers, with the last issue of Wonder Woman thrown in for comparison:

  • Wonder Woman #23: 34,747 copies sold, 55th place
  • Wonder Woman #23.1 – The Cheetah: 47,504 copies sold, 67th place
  • Wonder Woman #23.2 – First Born: 42,383 copies sold, 75th place

So yes, these issues sold better than the normal book does.  People love 3D covers, I guess.  But as you can see, they were much further down the chart.  This is because the other Villains Month books KILLED it.

DC set up Villains Month in a very smart way.  Instead of every title having their own issue, their better selling titles had multiple Villains Month issues and they left all of their lower selling books out of the mix.  So instead of a specific title for lower selling books like Superboy or Supergirl, there were four issues each for Action Comics and Superman. Wonder Woman was near the bottom of this sales cutoff.  The only series who had Villains Month books and sold less than Wonder Woman in August were Teen Titans, Green Arrow, and Swamp Thing.  With a million Bat-books and various other high selling series shipping multiple titles, the deck was stacked against Wonder Woman.

This showed in the numbers.  Among the 52 Villains Month books, The Cheetah’s combined total for 3D and non-3D issues was ranked 46th and First Born was 50th. It’s not a great showing, but this is what happens when you load up on the bestselling titles.  When you ship FOUR issues of Batman, everything else is going to slide down.

So despite selling better than usual, every other book selling better than usual pushed the two Wonder Woman titles down the charts, along with everything else.  Of the Top 80 bestselling books (where the Villains Month titles end) on the adjusted overall charts, 54 of them were DC books.  That’s just insane.  This stunt paid off for DC in a HUGE way, because I guess we’re all suckers who shell out the big bucks for largely irrelevant books with fancy covers.   We can moan about these stunts all we want, but they certainly sell.

Everything should be back to normal next month, and Wonder Woman should end up in a better spot, albeit with less sales, so we’ll leave this aberrant month behind us and pick up with the usual charts and such when the October numbers come out.

Prediction For Next Month: I underestimated the public’s love for shoddy lenticular covers in last month’s predictions, and was under by about 7,000 issues for each book.  Not good.  But I’m going to try to shake it off and come back strong with this prediction: In October, Wonder Woman #24 will sell 34,050 copies, a drop of about 2% from the August total.  Check back next month to see how I did!


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One Response to “Wonder Woman Sales: The Cheetah And The First Born Near The Bottom Of Villains Month”

  1. Green Says:

    the problem is that DC didn’t delivered all the 3D covers that were requested, and I heard the first born had the biggest cut off from the 3Ds covers.
    90s are back

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