Fancy New 52 Wonder Woman Doll From Tonner

Continuing their New 52 “DC Stars” line, Tonner has revealed their new 16 inch Wonder Woman doll.  It’s pretty fancy:


The description mentions a lot of faux leather, along with some things I don’t quite understand like a “Tyler skin tone” and “Raven rooted saran hair.”  I’m assuming the first is a colour, and the second means the hair is black and stuck into her head, but I’m no doll expert.  She also comes with her lasso, and pantyhose for some reason.

It’s really quite impressive.  The stitching looks pretty detailed, and they’ve captured her New 52 costume well.  The face doesn’t look like Wonder Woman so much as a weird doll version thereof, but it IS a doll so I guess that’s to be expected.  And it’s huge!  Sixteen inches is way bigger than your typical Barbie sort of doll.  Plus the face is hand-painted and such.  The craftsmanship seems quite high.

This high level of work is probably why the doll costs $199.99.  You can reserve yours now, if you’re so inclined.  I don’t have that kind of cash, but if you’re a Wonder Woman fan with deep pockets, or you’re someone with deep pockets who’s looking for a gift for a Wonder Woman fan, this is quite the item.

Tonner also has New 52 Supergirl and Mera dolls available for pre-order, along with a just announced 22 inch old school Harley Quinn, and a 22 inch Poison Ivy that’s already available.  They have an eclectic assortment collection all around, really; there’s Twilight, A Christmas Story, various Marilyn Monroes.  I’ll say this for Tonner: They certainly mix it up.

I’m not sure when the Wonder Woman doll will be available, but it’s in their Fall/Holiday 2013 collection so I assume it will be soonish.  So if you’ve got a couple hundos stashed away for doll collecting, now you can treat yourself!   And if dolls creep you out with their weird, somewhat infantilized features, then don’t.


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2 Responses to “Fancy New 52 Wonder Woman Doll From Tonner”

  1. Karl Says:

    I may consider getting this – after all I have every WW doll and action figure going, including the Barbie WW doll.
    Why am I even thinking about this – I just KNOW it will be mine.
    [no self-control where WWs concerned].

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