Women In Comics Statistics: DC And Marvel, August 2013 Odds And Ends

The monthly “Gendercrunching” post is up over at Bleeding Cool, so now we can dig into the stats a little deeper and see what was happening in August 2013.


DC is nicely above average in several categories this month, showing some decent growth compared to their six month average.  Let’s take a look:


Overall, they’re 0.4% up on their recent average, with noticeable gains for cover artists, writers, pencillers, colorists, and editors.  Inkers, letterers, and assistant editors are down somewhat, but all of these changes are fairly small.  Minor losses and decent gains adds up to a strong showing this month, which is nice to see after several months of small shifts by category not resulting in much positive change overall.

Now some odds and ends:

  • There was at least one female writer every month, and 3 of the 4 weeks had THREE female writers.  That’s pretty impressive.
  • I’m worried about the recent spate of strong writer numbers, however, because of the cancellation of the Arrow comic book.  The series tied into the show, and included several of the show’s female writers in almost every issue, adding a lot to the overall writing numbers each month.
  • For new books, Trillium #1 was 1 of 5 (Sara Miller assistant editing), Batman Beyond Universe #1 was 2 of 6 (Jordie Bellaire coloring the cover, Saida Temofonte lettering), and the Batman Incorporated Special #1 was 1 of 22 (Jordie Bellaire colored a story).
  • The busiest book of the month was the American Vampire Anthology #1 with 25 credited creators, 5 of them women.
  • The book with the highest percentage of female creators was Smallville Season 11 #16 at 5 of 7, while for the mainline superhero books Catwoman #23 was 4 of 10.


It was a very up and down month for Marvel, with some big growth and some bad losses.  Here is their six month comparison:


Cover artists and writers did great, posting massive gains compared to their recent average, while colorists had a strong showing as well.  Both editorial categories are down, however, and there were zero female pencillers, inkers, or letterers.  Three zeroes in a month is a bad scene, no matter how small the category usually is.  Altogether, Marvel is up 0.4% from their recent average, but the full chart shows an uglier story.

The odds and ends:

  • There was a female writer each week for Marvel, and given the strong writing total you’d expect a few each week, but not so much: It was three weeks of 1, and then a week of 4.
  • Sadly, the vast majority of those 7 writing credits will be gone within the next couple months due to cancellations and one-time gigs.  Expect lower writing totals soon.
  • There were 76 pencillers and 89 inkers at Marvel this month, and none of them were women.
  • For new books, The Dark Tower: So Fell Lord Perth #1 was 1 of 5 (Robin Furth co-writing), Infinity #1 was 2 of 19 (Laura Martin coloring a cover, Lauren Sankovitch co-editing), and that was all.  It was a very quiet month at Marvel, new bookwise.
  • The busiest book this month was Infinity #1 with its 19 creators, 2 of them women.  Most of that is variant covers, to be honest.  Marvel really loads them on for new books.
  • There was a tie for the highest percentage of female creators because Astonishing X-Men double-shipped in August.  #65 and #66 were both 4 of 7.
  • To learn more about this statistics project and its methodology click here, and to see the previous stats click here.

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