Preview Of Superman/Wonder Woman #2

It’s a busy week for Wonder Woman on the comic stands, with Superman/Wonder Woman #2 and Smallville Season 11 #19 on sale this Wednesday.  We’ve got a preview for the former (and perhaps one for the latter before Wednesday; I’ll keep my eyes peeled), so let’s take a look.  Tony Daniel is really going to town with the two page layouts, so you’ll probably want to click on some of these images to get a closer look at them:






So Wonder Woman gets busted up by Doomsday a bit, and then I assume she and Superman are off to investigate and such.  And probably talk about their relationship, and then make out, and then be upset at the puny humans who don’t appreciate them.

I didn’t much care for the first issue, but I’m going to review the second one again this week and we’ll go from there.  If I still don’t like it, I’ll stop reviewing it.  “This isn’t very good” is an annoying review every month.  Much as I have my issues with Wonder Woman, it also has strong moments and always provides lots to talk about.  If the first issue of Superman/Wonder Woman is any indication, my reviews will consist of little more than “I’m not sure why this book exists.”  But hey, it’s only one issue.  This second one could be way better, and I hope it is.

Superman/Wonder Woman #2 is out this Wednesday in comic shops everywhere.

Published by Tim Hanley

Tim Hanley is a comic book historian and the author of Wonder Woman Unbound, Investigating Lois Lane, The Many Lives of Catwoman, and Betty and Veronica: The Leading Ladies of Riverdale.

10 thoughts on “Preview Of Superman/Wonder Woman #2

    1. Yeah, it’s just kind of dangling there, isn’t it? There’s always a certain degree of suspension of disbelief with comic books, but that just seems a little sloppy. I’ve seen it strapped to her leg in other books, like secured firmly, but not so much here.

      1. Without the holster, Wonder Woman’s leg will be cut by her own sword. It is strapped to her leg, it needs the holster to protects her leg. if she were a man, without the holster it cut into his own leg.

        Sheath- is what Wonder Woman needs to have….a case or covering for the blade of a sword, dagger.

        Xena has a Sword and Holster or Sheath.

        A scabbard is a sheath for holding a sword, knife, or other large blade. Scabbards have been made of many materials over the millennia, including leather, wood, and metals such as brass or steel. scabbards were worn suspended from a sword belt or shoulder belt.

        Greeks and Romans used were small and light scabbard and to display of wealth among elites.

        I am just concern of poor Wonder Woman, she has forgotten the first Greek lesson in using a sword, must place the sword in a scabbard when not in combat.

      1. This entire relationship is the definition of male gaze. Soule is a good writer and I think he’s trying hard but the very concept of this relationship and this book stinks of frat boy fanservice.

        To me it always feels like “Yo man. Wonder Woman is hot and stuff and Superman finally got rid of his ball and chain, Lois. Supes totally needs to bang Diana bc she’s a goddess and stuff. Oh yeah and I support feminism bc Wonder Woman uses a sword sometimes. So it’s equal, see?”

  1. Diana on her knees in her inner monologue thinking in a way to get out, big cliche. Diana still talking about her divine origin? this is really out of character.

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