Women At DC Comics Watch – February 2014 Solicits


It’s another busy month for female creators at DC Comics, plus two female characters are getting double-sized one-shots.  DC’s done a solid job upping their female representation lately, and it’s good to see it continuing into the future.  Let’s go through the solicits:

  • For New 52 writers, Marguerite Bennett is on Superman: Lois Lane #1 and Batman: Joker’s Daughter #1, Gail Simone pens Batgirl #28 and The Movement #9, Ann Nocenti writes Catwoman #28, Christy Marx is on Birds of Prey #28, and Amanda Conner co-writes Harley Quinn #3.
  • For interior art, Emanuela Lupacchino is drawing Superman: Lois Lane #1 and Meghan Hetrick is doing Batman: Joker’s Daughter #1.
  • On New 52 covers, Emanuela Lupacchino is covering Worlds’ Finest #20, Rachel Dodson is inking Catwoman #28, and Amanda Conner is on Harley Quinn #3.
  • Outside of the New 52, Becky Cloonan is drawing a story in Batman Black and White #6, Lea Hernandez is drawing Teen Titans Go! #2, and Cat Staggs is providing covers for Smallville Season 11: Alien #3 and The Vampire Diaries #2.
  • At Vertigo, Caitlin Kittredge writes Coffin Hill #5 and Yuko Shimizu is on covers for The Unwritten Volume 2: Apocalypse #2.
  • For female characters, Lois Lane and the Joker’s Daughter are getting one-shots. The former seems like a no-brainer who should have gotten a comic ages ago, while the latter feels like something DC is trying REALLY hard to make happen for some reason.  Both issues also have female creators at the helm, which is cool.
  • DC is also running a variety of steam punk variant covers this month, drawn by various artists.  None of those artists are women.

It was a good month for female creators, with 13 different women working on 14 different books, a slight increase from last month.  A lot of these credits are on one-shots, so the creators probably won’t be back next month, but we’ll have to hope DC has something else planned to keep the numbers up in March.

And of course, while 13 female creators is a strong number relative to what we’ve seen from DC in the past, please keep in mind that there are a couple of hundred male creators in the solicits that continue to VASTLY outnumber female creators.  Things are better, but things are not yet good.

Two female-led one-shots is excellent news, though.  It sounds like these are trial issues to test the waters for possible series, so hopefully they’ll do well.  It’s pretty ridiculous that Lois Lane hasn’t had her own series in nearly 40 years; she’s more than due.

All together, February looks to be a good month for DC Comics.  There are lots of female creators, female characters are headlining some new comics, and 2014 continues to be a decent year for women, real and fictional, at DC.

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