Wonder Woman #25 Preview OR A Suspended Cage Of Emotion

Wonder Woman #25 is out tomorrow, and Maxim has the exclusive preview.  Because that makes a lot of sense.  A Wonder Woman preview should definitely be right next to illuminating articles like “The Superhot Secrets of Lesbian Sex” and “TV’s 12 Hottest News Anchors.”  According to the blurb before the preview, everyone at Maxim is a big fan of this book, so congratulations Wonder Woman team!  The skeevy dudes at Maxim are super into what you’re doing.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the preview:







So Strife is looking to take out Wonder Woman with some sort of magic pin, Cassandra has poor Milan trapped in a frightening cage, and Wonder Woman is still trying to sort out how she feels about Hermes when Orion shows up and just starts blowing stuff up.  People in this comic need to start pausing for a moment to take a deep breath before they react to things.  It would save a lot of wanton destruction.

Hopefully Hermes is okay.  He’s a god, I suppose.  He can probably survive a blast.  And if the cover is any indication, it looks like things are going to escalate quickly with Strife, so perhaps the Orion/Hermes fight will be brief.  We’ll find out soon enough!

Wonder Woman #25 is on sale in comic shops everywhere and also available online tomorrow.  After all of the pieces were set into place last issue, some stuff should start to go down this month.


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One Response to “Wonder Woman #25 Preview OR A Suspended Cage Of Emotion”

  1. Karl Says:

    Whatever that weapon Strife has in page two, its nothing compared to the similar but much bigger weapon Cassandra has in page three[!] are weapons becoming allegorical now as well as metaphorical in WWs world?
    That’s a dreadful Jay Leno double-chin Diana has in panel four, page four, but then sitting on ones ass whilst the supporting cast get the lion’s share of the action will probably do that.

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