Women In Comics Statistics: DC And Marvel, September 2013 In Review


“Gendercrunching” went up today over at Bleeding Cool, and it was a pretty uneventful month for DC and Marvel, with just slight changes from the month previous.  Marvel was tops with 14.2% female creators overall while DC was at 12%.  Next month might be more interesting though…

We also take a look at DC’s 52 Villains Month issues, and how one issue can affect the stats in big ways.  There was one outlier with a TON of female creators, which is great but which also makes the numbers go a bit wonky.  We also compare Villains Month to last September’s #0 issues and the launch of the New 52 the September before, and find that all three are characterized by a stark lack of female creators.

Head on over to Bleeding Cool for all of the stats fun!


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