The Ladydrawers’ Hulk 101: Accident Fallacy OR Fun Hulk Stats

Last night in Chicago, the Ladydrawers Comics Collective held their “Hulk 101: Accident Fallacy” event, where panelists talked about the Hulk in all sorts of fascinating ways.  The Ladydrawers are a group of writers and artists (female, male, and non-binary) who research and publish comics about labour and gender, and the topics last night ranged from Jack Kirby to Feminist Hulk to self identity to artistic appropriation.  They had slideshows, clips, and art to go along with the discussion; it all sounded, in a word, incredible.

I’m half a continent away, so I couldn’t go, but I was there in spirit, having provided some stats for Hulk comics from the 21st century.  ALL of the Hulk comics from the 21st century, in fact.  Lindsey Smith presented the stats, while Rachel N. Swanson did some fantastic art to go along with the numbers:


As you can tell by the displeased Hulk, the stats weren’t great for the Hulk comics.  Here are a few things that I found:

  • Marvel’s overall percentage of female creators over the past three years is about 11%.  For the Hulk books over the past thirteen years, it’s only 4%.
  • The total for female writers was only 3%, all of which were Audrey Loeb writing one-page comedy strips in a few issues.  No women have written the main story in any Hulk book in the 21st century.
  • The total for female artists was just over 1%, which is paltry but, given how poorly the Big Two do with female artists, that Elena Casagrande drew a few issues is an impressive achievement, relative to the rest of Marvel’s output.
  • The best books for overall percentage of female creators were the two She-Hulk series, which continues the trend of publishers having more female creators on books with a female lead character.

I’m sure the Ladydrawers dug out lots of other fun tidbits in the data I sent them.  It was some dispiriting stuff, but so it goes when you’re digging into stats by gender at the Big Two.  Thanks to Anne Elizabeth Moore and the Ladydrawers for letting me be a part of such a cool event!


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