Beyoncé Surprises Everyone With A New Album AND Roller Skates In A Wonder Woman T-Shirt In “Blow” Video

Everybody loves Beyoncé.  She’s pretty much the biggest star in the universe, and she just released a new album that no one knew was coming late last night.  Simply titled Beyoncé, the album features 14 new songs and a video for every single one.

The video for “Blow” is directed by Hype Williams and has a 1970s sort of vibe.  Set primarily at a roller rink, Beyoncé skates around the rink, looking super cool in a Wonder Woman t-shirt.  Beyoncé’s been associated with Wonder Woman since she mentioned wanting to play her a few years ago, and she obviously really loves the character.  You can see a quick preview of the video here, but it doesn’t have the Wonder Woman part:

I tried to get some screen grabs of the actual video, but the definition wasn’t too good AND since she’s on roller skates she’s constantly moving which adds a bit of a blur.  I did my best:





If you want to see more, you have to buy the whole album on iTunes.  From what I’ve heard so far, it’s pretty good.  “Blow” is a fun, catchy song that’s winkingly dirty for a bit and then pretty much full on dirty by the end, but in that Beyoncé sort of way where she’s entirely in charge and completely owns her sexuality.  You can download the album now, or wait a few days for it to show up in stores.


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