Wonder Woman #26 Preview OR Wonder Woman ‘n Orion: Rescue Rangers

Wonder Woman #26 comes out this Wednesday, and Uproxx’s “Gamma Squad” has an exclusive preview of the book.  Let’s take a look:







First off, that is a fantastic cover.  I like it even better all done up with the Wonder Woman header and whatnot.  I’m missing Chiang on the interior art something fierce, but he’s been killing it with his covers lately.

Second, everyone’s arrived in Chernobyl to rescue Milan.  Orion got there first and went all Red Ross on the weird jackal people, with Wonder Woman, Hermes, and Siracca following behind and finding a fight outside of the evil lair.  If all goes well, they should come together and escape with Milan, but things rarely go well when these folks team up.  Something usually goes awry.

Finally, I think the idea of Wonder Woman not liking Chernobyl because it makes her feel like she could be wrong about humanity’s potential is an interesting idea, but having her say it outright in the most blatant, non-subtle way possible is just shoddy writing.  Before he came on Wonder Woman, I thought Azzarello was one of the best wordsmiths in comics, with interesting dialogue that always had multiple levels.  That’s been sorely lacking in Wonder Woman, though, especially with Wonder Woman herself.  The Chernobyl thing is a cool idea, but poorly executed.

Wonder Woman #26 is in comic shops everywhere and available online this Wednesday.  Pick it up, or ask Santa to bring it for you.


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    fuck off, nobody likes you.

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