Steampunk Variant Covers For Wonder Woman #28 And Superman/Wonder Woman #5

This February, many of DC’s titles will have steampunk variants drawn by some very talented artists, presumably to tie into the Infinite Crisis online game that features a steampunk universe and not because the folks at DC think it’s 1998.  Both of Wonder Woman’s series will have steampunk variants, like this cover for Wonder Woman #28 by J.G. Jones and Trish Mulvihill:


And this cover for Superman/Wonder Woman #5 by Dan Panosian:


I think I like Panosian’s Wonder Woman better, though both are nice covers.  It’s fun when people change it up with the colour scheme a bit.

Also, steampunk should be more than old timey plus goggles; both covers could use some fancy, faux-antiquated technology.  Without that, these are just Western covers (he said, nitpicking).

Regardless, they’re cool covers, and will probably give DC a small sales boost across the line.  People love variant covers!  Superman/Wonder Woman #5 is out on February 12, while Wonder Woman #28 is out February 19.  If you’re looking to snag either of these covers, you might want to talk to your comic shop ahead of time and reserve a copy.


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2 Responses to “Steampunk Variant Covers For Wonder Woman #28 And Superman/Wonder Woman #5”

  1. Green Says:

    They are beautiful, but both full of female stereotypes that doesn’t belong in the steampunk genre. I pass the two

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Very true. DC Women Kicking Ass did a great post comparing the WW covers to the Batgirl and Batwoman covers, where the heroines are actually in fun action poses. They are both more steampunk AND don’t contain the lame stereotypes we see in the WW covers. The art here is lovely, but both are definitely missed opportunities in terms of how WW is presented.

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