Superman/Wonder Woman #4 Preview OR I Think This Zod Fellow Might Be Up To Something

Nerdist has posted a five page preview of Superman/Wonder Woman #4, out this Wednesday in comic shops everywhere and online.  The book’s sales aren’t doing so well, and I’ll have more on that later in the week, and while I really don’t care for this series at all, I’m going to try very hard to find something positive to say about this preview:







Okay, here’s something I liked!  The bit where Zod can tell that Superman learned Kryptonian from a machine because he doesn’t have an accent was cool.  It was a nicely done, little moment that captured Superman’s alienation from his home planet, that as much as Superman tries to learn about Krypton and his heritage there will always be something missing.  I like that line a lot.

Other than that, Superman and Wonder Woman talk about their relationship and who they are some more, and Zod obviously has some kind of sinister plan.  This book is not my cup of tea, so none of this is doing much for me.

Also, Wonder Woman’s boots zip up now, which is a new development, to the best of my knowledge.  I can’t remember Wonder Woman zipping her boots before; I think they’ve always been the pull on kind.  Perhaps they’ve got advanced Amazonian zipper technology.

Anyway, Superman/Wonder Woman #4 is out tomorrow.  General Zod has a decent, incisive panel, so it’s got that going for it.  That, and zip-up boots.


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13 Responses to “Superman/Wonder Woman #4 Preview OR I Think This Zod Fellow Might Be Up To Something”

  1. Audrey Says:

    These two have zero sexual chemistry. Two beautiful people but God there is nothing between them.

    You know, part of the reason Lois and Superman survived 75 years was at the root of their connection was a wordless, powerful passion for the other person. As Morrison said it’s something they “just couldn’t help.” It’s that unexplainable force that carries you through your differences. It’s not a looks thing per se. Objectively Lois is not as perfect looking as Diana and Steve is not as perfect looking as Clark. But it’s not really about looks. It’s chemistry and a pull to the other person. These two just … not have it.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I agree about the lack of sexual chemistry. While Lois and Clark could occasionally fall victim to bad writing, there is a definite spark at the core of that relationship that really comes alive in good hands. I can’t imagine anyone making much of this pairing. There’s just nothing to it.

      • Audrey Says:

        I sometimes wonder if Mark Waid feels responsible for this. Last year, he indicated in the Online Women in Comics Course that he still wondered to this day if Kingdom Come had ended the right way. He said that, in retrospect, he didn’t think the relationship worked long term. Waid doesn’t like Superman in the new 52. Unfortunately, I do think a lot of these people who think these two belong together feel that way bc Kingdom Come validated it. Sadly, people often don’t realize that kingdom Come was a pretty problematic narrative in many respects that did not treat Diana very well and, of course, relied on the tired trope of fridging Lois to achieve it’s end goal. It’s just interesting that Waid himself has essentially denounced the book now. I wonder if he feels responsible for this crap.

      • Tim Hanley Says:

        There were hints of it before Kingdom Come, and Perez definitely brought it up while he was working on Wonder Woman, but yeah, Kingdom Come was the first book to really go there. As a diehard Superman guy, I’m sure Waid would be annoyed/feel bad to see Kingdom Come being used to defend the New 52 relationship AND it’s subsequent loss of Lois as a major character.

  2. Jan Arrah (@JanArrah) Says:

    Ok.. that’s it. We need to stop this shit. Wonder Woman, a woman created literally to help change the world (both in the fictional world and the real world) says.. THERE IS NO CHANGING THE WORLD! THIS IS RIDICULOUS! Ugg.. that makes me so freaking stabby!

  3. John S Says:

    @Jan Arrah don’t you spend all your time badmouthing WW on twitter? @audrey, Lois and Clark had such bad chemistry in Man of Steel even critics panned it. Lois and Clark have had their share of bad writing too and the only thing they have over Supes and Wondy is exposure. Their differences were never explored and rarely did writers truly examine that relationship in any deep way. If you have a relationship stuck in one point in time, it does not mean it is the greatest or forever. It’s pandering and then that gets boring. So let’s try not to argue strawmen and double standards here.

    • Audrey Says:

      @John S, your post is filled with fallacies. Let’s break them down.

      1.) Critics didn’t “pan” the chemistry between Lois and Clark in Man of Steel. On the contrary, what was criticized was the film’s choice to focus MORE on things blowing up than on the relationship between Lois Lane and Superman. There were actual several prominant reviews that said that the quiet moments between Lois and Clark were the only things to save the film and that had the film had MORe of them…it would have been a better movie. The Times wrote a lengthy review on that small moment between them in the cornfield as something so “beautiful” that it “almost makes you want to cry.”

      Man of Steel is actually a really good example of the way a film can suffer when you don’t keep Lois and Clark at the center of a narrative. All that said, chemistry is subjective. I personally thought the Lois and Clark narrative in Man of Steel was subtle and beautiful. Lois was the person to reach out her hand when he had no one and it was her belief in him that inspired Superman to give himself up for the people of Earth.

      2.) All characters have had their share of bad writing but, of course, they have also had a lot of GOOD writing. Lois and Clark had years under Dan Jurgens pen, Louise Simonson, Morrison, Greg Rucka, Gail Simone, Joe Kelly, Geoff Johns, Mark Waid and others who did them justice.

      3.) No, Lois and Clark have EVERYTHING over this current status quo because they were LITERALLY designed to be partners. That was the design. Everything about them is designed to contrast the other person so that if one of them is without the other there is a missing piece. There are certain personality traits within Superman that only spark when he is around Lois LAne bc that’s quite literally the design. She is hard where he is soft and she is strong where he is weak. She is the yin and he is the yang. Lois is the will and Superman is the way.

      4.) You severely underestimate WHY Lois and Clark have had 75 years of Exposure. Their story became iconic because it WORKS. Bc it resonated. That’s why it was told over and over again for different generations. They didn’t get exposure for nothing. They got it because it WORKED.

      5.) “Their differences were never explored and rarely did writers explore their relationship in a dep way.” That is, without question, just untrue. Lois and Clark had their own TV show for 4 years to the tune of 20 million people where the major focus was on their differences and their give and take and struggles and passion and love. Smallville spent several seasons building the contrasts and differences that brought Lois and Clark together and challenged themn as a couple. This doesn’t even tough the myriad of comics that have done the exact same thing. That’s a truly uneducatec comment.

      6.) First of all, ALL comics are stuck in one point in time to a degree so that’s a silly comment. We aren’t telling monthly stories about a 90 year old Batman. Two, ,it’s again not true. Lois and Clark have been explored as adversaries, friends, lovers and husband and wife. They’ve been parents. They’ve been elderly (Earth 2) and they’ve been extremely young (early seasons of Smallville). If anything, we’ve seen them in more stages of life together than any other comic book pairing ever. We’ve seen them at the beginning and we’ve seen them at the end.

      Lois and Clark are the greatest couple oin c

      • Audrey Says:

        My computer posted too soon but I think my point was made. Frankly, to even imply that the history of Lois and Clark wasn’t fully developed on every level—at times beautifully—is uneducated at best and, openly manipulative, at worst. The only “pandering” going on right now is DC is with this forced pairing. It’s an uncomfortable male power fantasy on every level built on the backs of a comics culture that is increasingly hostile to women. It’s a very poor relationship with nothing to stand on as opposed to Lois Lane and Superman who have 75 years of history to stand on BECAUSE it’s a relationship that enhances the core themes of the Superman story and bridges the gap between human and super.
        My only hope is that Diana eventually gets her “Lois and Clark” type story with Steve Trevor so that more people can discover how special it is to see a superpowered woman paired with a human male who isn’t threatened by her and views her as an equal. Until lthen, I’ll wait. 🙂

  4. Bob Says:

    That’s the title of this issue? Seriously?

  5. darkteddyknight52 Says:

    I really like this comic
    Its a new relationship so both Clark and Diana are trying to figure out how it works, while still being true to themselves.
    I hope more supporting cast show up outside of Cat and Hessia. I suspect each Super-book is allowed one supporting character each but maybe Pete Ross could show up for Clark, to have more bros then just Batman (how about Cyborg?) I heard Donna Troy might be coming soon to this book and maybe Zola for Diana.

    I enjoy the drama of their relationship and the stuff with Zod, can’t wait to see what the next story arc has in store.

  6. Karl Says:

    Please SOMEONE split up Kal-El and Diana!
    This is like one of those ever-so-contrite Meg Ryan rom-coms, where no one talks like normal people do [ok, Supes and WW aernt ‘normal’ but, you know…] or a superpowered Friends episode.
    Pair Diana back up with the vastly improved Steve Trevor over in Forever A.R,G.U.S [which I recommend, btw!] and dig up Lois from wherever the DC writers have left her and get her back with her Big Boy Blue Scout.

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