Wonder Woman Appears In Only FIVE Pages Of Superman/Wonder Woman #4


On several levels, today’s issue of Superman/Wonder Woman perfectly summed up everything that bothers me about this series.  Let’s start with Wonder Woman’s role in the book, or rather her lack thereof.  She’s only in FIVE pages of the book.  Superman is on 13 pages.  Zod is on 10.  Hell, Batman’s got a double page spread in this issue and his name isn’t even in the title.  The lack of Wonder Woman is just ridiculous.

Furthermore, let’s enumerate her sparse appearances:

1) There’s a big, awkward split page to start the book with close-ups of Clark and Diana.

2) On the next page, Diana is getting dressed.  Zipping up her boots and whatnot.  One panel is a close up of her legs.

3) Then Superman and Zod fight for a while while Wonder Woman has a voiceover that explicitly states “The world is as it is. There is no changing it”, which is contrary to the message of Wonder Woman dating back to her very creation.  She finally shows up later on the left side of a double page montage, kissing Superman.

4) She then visits her pal Hessia while wearing some short shorts. In London, where just last issue she was bundled up in a coat and a scarf.  There is a nice panel where she addresses the girls in Hessia’s martial arts class, and I do like her hair on this page, but the random short shorts sort of undercut things.

5) After that, we get a page where Hessia and Wonder Woman have beaten up some robots or some such.  Wonder Woman stands and talks, Hessia saves her from a robot she doesn’t see sneaking up behind her.  Also, yet again a LOT of leg on this page.

That is the sum total of Wonder Woman’s involvement in this issue of a series that bears her name.  Five pages, a lot of her legs, and kissing Superman.

And do you want to know the worst part?  It’s the best issue of the series.  Clark and Diana going on about their relationship is minimal, and Charles Soule does a really good job with the Superman/Zod stuff.  I loved how Zod kept burning Superman because of his poor understanding of all things Kryptonian.  I would totally read a Superman book with Zod and Faora.  The Superman/Zod interactions were a million times more electric and interesting than Superman and Wonder Woman together.  There’s a good book buried inside this series, and it doesn’t involve Wonder Woman.  DC should have given Soule and Daniels one of the Super-books and left Diana out of it.  Or let Soule launch a new Sensation Comics without Superman; I dig Hessia, and Soule captures a decent Diana when Clark’s not around and she’s not all wrapped up in relationship problems.  Superman and Wonder Woman together is, by far, the least interesting part of this series.

Anyway, FIVE pages.  The only way to remedy this is to flip the script and backburner Superman next month while Wonder Woman gets to carry the bulk of the book, but given that the released cover for Superman/Wonder Woman #5 doesn’t even feature Wonder Woman, I’m not optimistic.  I’ve also seen a version of that cover where Wonder Woman is unconscious in the bottom corner, which is hardly better.  I wonder if there’s an issue of Batman/Superman that relegates either character to only 5 pages?  I’m betting not.


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12 Responses to “Wonder Woman Appears In Only FIVE Pages Of Superman/Wonder Woman #4”

  1. js Says:

    Diana’s voice is prominent in this issue. She has a powerful presence. Nit picking much about her boots? Good grief. It’s 2014. Not 1814.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Diana’s voice is prominent as she ruminates on her relationship with her boyfriend off-panel while Superman fights a bad guy and actually does things. I think that her presence was significantly less powerful than Superman’s in this issue.

  2. Green Says:

    Agree with you, Superman and WW apart is really better than they romanticly together. This issue just showed that,
    WW fitghting robots to get relieve? Warrior Gal cliche. Azz’s WW even said she was out of shape, it’s not like she was training too much since she was in man’s world

  3. Mila-chan Says:

    Let me get this straight: You’re complaining because Diana appeared shorts short and the “lot of legs”? Really? Funny, I don’t see you complaining about her uniform. That swimsuit that leaves a “lot of legs” on display and her breasts, depending on the artist, almost transbosdando to out. Nobody complains about that, but a shorts short is reason to a whimper in a post hahaha

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      It’s not about the legs specifically; Wonder Woman’s costume showing a lot of skin is just how it goes. It’s more about how the legs are shown and the choices the artists make in highlighting her legs, whether she’s getting dressed or wearing short shorts as a civilian in the winter. The artists go out of their way to highlight Wonder Woman’s legs in this issue, and that’s what bothered me.

      • Audrey Says:

        Her costume is not actually supposed to be for male gaze exploitation.

        This book makes her an object. Totally different.

      • Mila-chan Says:


        Please don’t give me that. Of course the uniform attracts male eyes. The woman is practically naked and nobody complains, but suffice to appear in shorts that, suddenly, everyone turns guardian of morals and good customs. The problem is simple: you don’t approve of the relationship and are looking for defects in petty things. Even though the book was first in sales and critical, even so you continue looking hair in egg. But that is not the worst. What really annoys are the false moralists.

      • Tim Hanley Says:

        The book has never been first in sales. It debuted in 7th place, and last month it had fallen to 32nd.

      • Mila-chan Says:

        @Tim Hanley
        Yes, I know. But I didn’t say it was, I meant “if it were”. I think I used the verb the wrong way, but okay.

      • Audrey Says:


        Here’s the massive problem with your comment: You seem to be under the impression that if a woman is showing her body that that always means that she exists to be looked at and leered at and enjoyed by men. That’s Class A misogyny.

        Yes, Wonder Woman’s costume is small and we can debate whether that’s the right choice or not. But Wonder Woman was not actually created to be a plaything for men. On the contrary, she existed to be a celebration of women. Her body was intended to be a celebration of being female NOT for the pleasure and use of men. There is a distinct difference between a woman enjoying her own body and living in her own skin and the constant male gaze exploitation that takes the female body and positions it for men. HUGE difference.

        You’re right. I do not like the Superman/Wonder woman relationship at all. I could write paragraphs as to why but in essence, I don’t like it because it takes a figure who was designed to exist FOR WOMEN and positions her as the “hottest” prize for the strongest man. All you need to do is take the time to read the commentary about this relationship to see that what this REALLY comes down to for people is that it’s about Superman “bagging” the “hottest woman. That’s what this is about. And it makes me sick. I’m also offended by the very idea that two people with physical abilities are more “suited” for each other because that’s offensive and abelist and a whole host of other offensive things. I didn’t even get into how really awful and unfair this entire thing has been to Lois Lane—and what a terrible message DC sent when they broke up a relationship where a woman was beloved for being good at her JOB and then paired him with a “hotter” woman exploited in a bathing suit. That’s a landmine of really bad, problemat stuff that I’m not even going to touch.

        The bottom line is that this entire relationship—and here in this book—Wonder woman is set up as the hot girlfriend of Superman. The purpose is for men to read the book and to leer at her and to think, “Superman is so cool bc he’s banging Wonder Woman.” That is gross. The close-ups on her zipping up her boots and on her legs are connected to that urge to exploit this woman.

        Now, compare that to a picture of Wonder Woman standing tall celebrating who she is WITHOUT the explicit purpose of it being for the celebration of a MAN. It’s night and day. If you don’t understand WHY it’s night and day then you are the one who needs to educate yourself.

      • Paul Soratana Says:

        I think you are looking too much on this story. There are so many comics that their titles are focus on two or more characters, but it doesn’t show all characters within each chapter of them; such as Superman/Batman. And if you read back in chapter 1 of sm/ww you will notice that WW got more pages of her role than SM, then chapter 2-3 they both fairly shared pages because they did things together. So I think you can’t just judge the whole story with only 1 chapter. I like both the drawing and the story was just started; it’s a series not a one-shot, so I’ll keep waiting for next more coming and then judge. (No offence intention here, just trying to be positive and to enjoy the story)

  4. Karl Disley Says:

    Appalled at their treatment of our lovely Diana.

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