The CW’s Young Wonder Woman TV Show, Amazon, Is Officially Dead


Surprising absolutely no one, The Hollywood Reporter reports that The CW has stopped developing a TV show about a young Wonder Woman.  Titled Amazon, the project was originally headed by Allan Heinberg before being reworked by other writers and, now, officially killed.  The CW’s CEO Mark Pedowitz said:

We did not go forward with it… It all depends on the script. We were very careful with Arrow and we’re being very careful with Flash. These are iconic characters so we’re going to be very careful with Wonder Woman. You only get one shot before you get bit.

I expected that the CW project would be scrapped after Warner Bros. announced that Gal Gadot will appear as Wonder Woman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel.  They seem rather leery about doing one live-action Wonder Woman, much less two.

Nonetheless, what a bizarre world we live in.  Green Arrow’s been in TWO live action TV shows.  The Flash is about to have his own show, and very likely appear in some movies played by an entirely different actor.  Constantine’s getting a show, and so is James Gordon.  Over at Marvel, there’s a Peggy Carter show in the works and Jessica Jones is part of their Netflix initiative.  All the while, Wonder Woman, one of the first AND most famous superheroes in the history of the genre, has had yet another pilot cancelled and is set to debut in a tertiary role in a sequel to someone else’s movie.  We haven’t had a live-action Wonder Woman since Jimmy Carter was president (or, for my fellow Canadians, since Joe Clark was Prime Minister).  It doesn’t make a lick of sense to me.

Honestly, if Marvel was smart I think it would behoove them to get a Captain Marvel movie going pronto, use their well-earned reputation and pedigree to set the bar high for a superpowered female hero, and take the wind out of Warner Bros.’ limited Wonder Woman sails.  I think they could make Captain Marvel the new Wonder Woman SO easily if they tried.  It’s absolutely not what I want to happen, though I would like a Captain Marvel movie someday, but given how poorly DC has done in bringing Wonder Woman to any sort of screen over the past few decades, I’m just saying that it’s there for the taking.

Anyway, sorry everyone.  Amazon’s not going to happen.  Shocking.



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2 Responses to “The CW’s Young Wonder Woman TV Show, Amazon, Is Officially Dead”

  1. darkteddyknight52 Says:

    I read on multiple sites that Gotham is now the “Smallville” for Batman, with Gordon a major supporting character.

    I don’t get DC comics and how they handle Wonder Woman. When there have been shows like Xena and Hercules or even Game of Thrones movies like Percy Jackson why are they so afraid embrace Wonder woman’s world?

    Saying that I am not upset we’ve yet to get a Wonder Woman movie as David Goyer has stated he can’t find any good source material to make a Wonder Woman movie from.
    This guy thought it was okay for Superman to kill Zod ” that he had no choice” so I would very much like him to stop being involved with DC heroes.

    I agree with Captain Marvel being the Wonder Woman of Marvel comics in my fantasy Avengers it’s always been
    Cap. America
    Iron man
    Captain Marvel/ Ms. Marvel
    Hulk (or She Hulk)

  2. IronBerserk Says:

    Not that surprised since they have been juggling this show and doing nothing with it for almost 2 years. Just give me a full fledged WW movie and I’ll be happy.

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