Wonder Woman #27 Preview OR The Search For Zola And Zeke Begins

Wonder Woman #27 is out already, but a decent preview wasn’t available until I got up this morning so here’s a peek inside the book.  You might want to click on that two page spread to get a bigger image:






So Wonder Woman’s pretty bummed about Zola leaving, but looks to be teaming up with Hermes and Hera, and possibly more people if that last line is any indication, to go get her back.  I’m all for more Hermes in the book, so this should be fun.

Plus, Cliff Chiang is back!  Holy cats, these pages are gorgeous.  I wish Cliff Chiang could draw all the comics.  Batman by Cliff Chiang.  Avengers by Cliff Chiang.  Hellboy by Cliff Chiang.  Sex Criminals by Cliff Chiang.  I’d buy them all.

Wonder Woman #27 is available in stores and online today, though if you’re on the East coast and in the middle of this blizzard, online might be the way to go.  My local comic book store is closed for the day, and I suspect a lot of others are closed as well.  Stay safe, stay warm, and read comics on a screen if you can’t wait!  I’ll have a review of the book up tomorrow, and another fun post later today so keep your eyes peeled.


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