Superman/Wonder Woman #5 Preview OR Are Superman And Wonder Woman Breaking Up?! Probably Not

Superman/Wonder Woman #5 is out next Wednesday, and Newsarama has posted a five-page preview of the issue.  Wonder Woman’s visiting Paradise Island (she was just there last month in Wonder Woman #27 as well) and Superman lets Zod and Faora escape the Fortress of Solitude.  Let’s take a look:








First off, “FAORA — her name means DEATH!” is a great tagline in a classic, pulpy kind of way.  That was definitely my favourite part of the preview.

The rest is what we’ve come to expect from the series.  This preview showcases the book’s, shall we say, spartan aesthetic.  Three of the five pages here have a combined nine words of dialogue and ten panels.  Doing Superman/Wonder Woman must feel like a vacation for Charles Soule and Tony S. Daniel, given its impressive amounts of empty space.  It’s no wonder Soule can write a million books a month.

I do like that Wonder Woman is questioning her relationship with Superman, but I’m also rather certain that they’ll stay together.  DC’s gone all-in pretty hard on this relationship, what with giving them their own series and all.

Anyway, this book is not my cup of tea, and my annoyance at this relationship makes me snarky when I talk about it.  If you’re digging the series, Superman/Wonder Woman #5 is out next Wednesday online and in comic shops everywhere.


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6 Responses to “Superman/Wonder Woman #5 Preview OR Are Superman And Wonder Woman Breaking Up?! Probably Not”

  1. Karl Disley Says:

    I still hate this series. Too much Superman not enough Diana.
    The opening splash page is GORGEOUS. How lovely and strong does Diana look.
    And that shot of Themyscira. ..stunning, simply stunning.
    The book itself is still awful though.

  2. Tim Hanley Says:

    That’s an excellent point, Karl. Those first two pages are quite nicely done by Daniels. I haven’t been terribly impressed with his art thus far, but that shot of Themyscira is probably the best page of the whole series.

  3. Audrey Says:

    The annoying this is that this preview is so intensely annoying precisely because I’m sure it will be turned around at the end of the issue.

    It ::is:: insulting that Soule is writing Diana so invested in Superman. It’s so against the entire point of the character that it’s mind boggling. It’s different when it’s Steve Trevor bc at least he’s human. But this whole thing where Wonder Woman looks in awe of Superman as a “god” is really uncomfortable. Yet, you know Soule is going to turn this around by the end of the issue and have all her questions have been for nothing. It’s just insulting.

    • Green Says:

      The thing is, WW is more interested in Superman than superman is in WW. That is extremely uncomfortable to read.
      This couple has fun? because I’ve seen very little

  4. John S Says:

    You’re snarky? Oh glad you realize that. Plus let me ask you a question. As a man you keep claiming that SM/WW is doing WW no favors etc but what about the female readers enjoying it? There are a bit of them you know. You think you really can speak for them or their experience of being a woman or what they are allowed to like in fiction? It’s one thing hating paring but for the love of God let’s please ease up on what is good for womankind eh. I think they can all decide that for they can love it or hate it.

  5. Nnsense Says:

    Are the rumors from last year about them breaking up still actual?
    Would be nice if Superman could just be a bit “selfish” and enjoy his time with Diana

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