Wonder Woman Wednesday Interview #4: Tara Theoharis, The Geeky Hostess


It’s week four of our interview series leading up to the publication of Wonder Woman Unbound, where we talk to cool and interesting people about their favourite versions of Wonder Woman and how she relates to their particular fields and interests. This week we’ve got Tara Theoharis, the Geeky Hostess!

Tara runs The Geeky Hostess, a very cool site devoted to incorporating your geeky passions into your everyday life through parties, gift ideas, home decor, recipes, etiquette, fashion, and more.  Plus it’s got tons of awesome cupcake recipes, which are always good to have; cupcakes are where it’s at.  Tara is also nearing the end of a fun Kickstarter campaign for Geeky Sprinkles, a series of sprinkles with nerdy themes.  They come in three varieties: a TARDIS, steampunk nuts and gears, and lightning bolts (you can go Harry Potter or Shazam with those, it’s entirely up to you).  You should definitely go check it out.

After wrapping up yet another ridiculously cool themed party, this one inspired by Parks and Recreation, Tara chatted with me about Wonder Woman and geeky hostessing:

Tim Hanley: What was your very first encounter with Wonder Woman?

Tara Theoharis: Honestly, it was of Wonder Woman as an icon more than a specific instance. She’s one of the few female superheroes that’s a household name. Her strength and beauty sticks with you, and as a kid you think, “One day, I could be THAT.” Heck, I still think that.

Here’s Tara sporting a retro Wonder Woman look in a shoot for the Espionage Cosmetics Geeky Hostess collection:


TH: What is your favourite version of Wonder Woman?

TT: As I was thinking back on the different Wonder Women I’ve seen, my mind just kept going back to a print I saw about a year ago: The Satrun Twins’ “We Are All Wonderwomen.” A parody of Wonder Woman and Dove ads, it shows a variety of different women in the iconic Wonder Woman uniform. It really stuck with me and sums up how I feel about Wonder Woman–she’s an ideal, a bit of hope and strength that every woman can carry with her.

TH: What are some of the best ways to incorporate Wonder Woman into recipes, parties, and other fun events?

TT: For parties, it’s best to stick with recognizable tidbits that anyone would be able to pick up on. Her colors or common traits can inspire a fun theme. For instance, a Wonder Woman birthday party can include a “Lasso of Truth” game (Lasso your friends for an interesting form of Truth or Dare) and party favors can include keys to invisible jets.

I recently threw a “Galentine’s Day” party and incorporated Wonder Woman into the gifts I gave to all of my “Wonder Women.” I printed small versions of Wonder Woman covers onto cardstock and placed jewelry on them, and handed them out along with my X-Ray tote and a matching red and gold lipgloss.

Tara’s X-Ray Tote features a peek inside Wonder Woman’s tote, including the golden lasso, her tiara, keys to the invisible jet, and Amazonian Red lipstick:


TH: As someone with a fondness for cupcakes, what do you think would be Wonder Woman’s favourite kind of cupcake?

TT: Wonder Woman would go for an ambrosia cupcake. If she could get her powers from Greek gods, she can get her taste in cupcakes as well. Many believe ambrosia is honey, so the cakes themselves would be honey-flavored, but not too sweet. This may be a cupcake I have to make in the future…

TH: Some people might argue that traditionally domestic hobbies like baking and fashion run contrary to the values of an empowered heroine like Wonder Woman, and to feminism more broadly. What’s your take on that?

TT: As far as I’m concerned, feminism is about gaining equality for everyone. So why bring me (or others) down for doing something they enjoy? Isn’t other women telling me what I can and can’t do just as bad as men doing it?

Even superheroes have to eat sometime, and don’t tell me Wonder Woman’s wearing that uniform strictly to protect herself. There’s no crime in looking good while kicking ass!

TH: Finally, if Wonder Woman were to leave Paradise Island and come to our world for the first time today, what do you think she’d find most surprising about it?

TT: That we all have magic devices in our pockets that connect us instantly with everyone and everything around us?

But seriously, that there aren’t more women in leadership positions. At this day and age, it’s pretty absurd.

* * * * *

Big thanks to Tara Theoharis!  Tara is @GeekyHostess on Twitter, and you can learn more about her fun, geeky projects on her website.

The interview series continues next week with Kimi Hughes from Golden Lasso Cosplay.  Look for the next Wonder Woman Unbound preview panel this Monday, and the book itself is available for pre-order now, online or at your local comic shop.


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